Physics Achievement by Maria, Year 13

Maria, Year 13 PhysicistCongratulations to Maria, Year 13, who won the Corpus Christi College Oxford ‘School’s Science Prize’. Maria came joint first on the subject of ‘quantum mechanics’. She wrote the article as a debate and used the debate as a metaphor for quantum mechanical ideas.

Maria also submitted an article to the Institute of Physics on ‘The Power of Thought’ .

First she presented Galileo’s thought experiment with a ship and a cannonball, to illustrate the idea that the Earth can be spinning on its axis without us feeling its motion. Then she gave the problem and solution to the ‘Maxwell’s Demon’ thought experiment and presented a form of the ‘Bootstrap Paradox‘ with time travel, by suggesting Galileo going forwards in time and seeing Maxwell’s ideas, and Maxwell getting his ideas from old records of Galileo’s work. Then she wrote a form of Hilbert’s infinite hotel room paradox, suggesting that each room be one to contemplate thought experiments in and everyone has to move up a room to make space for Galileo.

Maria said, “I am extremely honoured to have my article published in the PhysicsWorldPhysics World magazine. So next time you’re in the mood for an experiment but don’t have any electromagnets to hand, escape into the state-of-the-art laboratory of thought and you might just stumble upon the next great scientific breakthrough…