Japanese Peace Garden

Japanese Peace GardenThe Japanese Peace Garden was opened on Wednesday 15 July at Altrincham Girls Grammar. As part of Japanese Week, the girls did lessons throughout the school based on Japanese themed tasks.

Japanese Peace GardenThe Japanese Club decided to make a Japanese Peace Garden, where girls could have Japanese lessons and have a quiet place to reflect.

The designs for the garden were drawn up in Ms. Horan’s year 7 Maths classes, the origami birds were created by Ms. Cole’s year 7 form. The lovely red bridge was designed and built by Mrs. Lovelady.. The planting and final design of the garden was done by the Japanese Club girls, with help from Mrs. Iveson (Japanese Teacher) and Mrs. Mustapha, and Mr. Gane (caretaker).

Japanese-Peace-Garden-2Additional Japanese activities and displays could be seen throughout the school, including mobiles with Japanese numbers, art designs using Japanese Textiles, and Japanese Carp banners.

We even got the community involved with donations of rocks, plants, and gravel. It was a wonderful way to create a new garden with all the girls playing a part in the designing, planning and making of their special garden.