String Orchestra National finals Friday 10th July

String Orchestra finals, 10 June 0215

The members AGGS String Orchestra did themselves and the school proud last Friday. They played absolutely brilliantly; the best we have ever heard.

Though they weren’t nominated for a special award, out of the 6 other string or chamber orchestras performing, our girls comprised the only string orchestra nationally from just one single school. All the other orchestras were either from music service hubs, or combined schools, therefore with a much larger catchment of players, and where more rehearsal time is available.

We had a lovely day and the standard of every orchestra was exceptionally high; the adjudicators were also excellent and gave everyone really useful feedback and suggestions. So we have come home with more ideas, including additional repertoire.

Thanks must go not only to the dedication and hard work of all the girls, but mainly to Janet Janes, the string orchestra director, who also teaches most of the violinists who played in the orchestra.