Japanese Peace Garden

Japanese Peace GardenThe Japanese Peace Garden was opened on Wednesday 15 July at Altrincham Girls Grammar. As part of Japanese Week, the girls did lessons throughout the school based on Japanese themed tasks.

Japanese Peace GardenThe Japanese Club decided to make a Japanese Peace Garden, where girls could have Japanese lessons and have a quiet place to reflect.

The designs for the garden were drawn up in Ms. Horan’s year 7 Maths classes, the origami birds were created by Ms. Cole’s year 7 form. The lovely red bridge was designed and built by Mrs. Lovelady.. The planting and final design of the garden was done by the Japanese Club girls, with help from Mrs. Iveson (Japanese Teacher) and Mrs. Mustapha, and Mr. Gane (caretaker).

Japanese-Peace-Garden-2Additional Japanese activities and displays could be seen throughout the school, including mobiles with Japanese numbers, art designs using Japanese Textiles, and Japanese Carp banners.

We even got the community involved with donations of rocks, plants, and gravel. It was a wonderful way to create a new garden with all the girls playing a part in the designing, planning and making of their special garden.

Gabriella Spratt’s Ice Skating Achievements

Gabriella Spratt Ice SkatingGabriella is involved in 2 different disciplines: Ice Dance and Synchronised Ice Skating.

In Ice Dance she has passed 9 National Level tests in the last 12 months. She has 7 medals from club competitions as a solo skater in 2015. She is a Member of the Altrincham and Widnes Ice dance team who are competing in the Northern league of the RIDL.  She has skated with two different partners at junior and senior level dances. They are currently top of the league and hope to be in the National finals in September. She was awarded the Bronze award in the Lambco national poll in December in the category of best ice dancer to watch.

Gabriella also excels as a synchronised ice skater.  She has been training with WWSSC. They have several teams in their squad, including the current GB team.

She has competed with the junior team, Destiny.  They won a silver medal in France last November at the International Masters Tournament, and also won silver at the British National Championships (January 15). She also skated with their younger team in the mixed age category and with them won a Bronze medal at the British National championships in January and a bronze medal at the Trophy DEcosse ISU International in February.

In total therefore to date she has won four medals at the British Nationals in four different categories and is a five times International medallist.

String Orchestra National finals Friday 10th July

String Orchestra finals, 10 June 0215

The members AGGS String Orchestra did themselves and the school proud last Friday. They played absolutely brilliantly; the best we have ever heard.

Though they weren’t nominated for a special award, out of the 6 other string or chamber orchestras performing, our girls comprised the only string orchestra nationally from just one single school. All the other orchestras were either from music service hubs, or combined schools, therefore with a much larger catchment of players, and where more rehearsal time is available.

We had a lovely day and the standard of every orchestra was exceptionally high; the adjudicators were also excellent and gave everyone really useful feedback and suggestions. So we have come home with more ideas, including additional repertoire.

Thanks must go not only to the dedication and hard work of all the girls, but mainly to Janet Janes, the string orchestra director, who also teaches most of the violinists who played in the orchestra.

School Council – You Say – We Did

School Councils Community

You Say: We Did:
Year 7
The changing rooms really stink! We need a water fountain in Breeze Hill
We raised money to ensure that the air fresheners could be refilled in the drama changing rooms and the PE changing rooms.Helped create a pitch to the PTA to fund the remaining money needed for a water fountain in Breeze Hill.
Year 8
That patch of mud/grass near the green building looks horrible.
We have continued to develop plans and are starting to put things in place to fully develop a sustainable garden in this area. A gardening club has been started run by those who have spearheaded this project this year.
WATCH THIS SPACE for changes…
Year 9
We need a water fountain in Breeze Hill The outside space by the library and the Lodge looks horrible
We raised money via a sweet stall and have gained funds from the PTA to install a water fountain in September. We have worked with the PTA and have launched a competition to design a mosaic and redevelop this whole area. Plans are in place and the competition winner will be announced shortly.
Year 10
I’m stressed out about my exams what do I do? We don’t understand the expectations for learning.
We have made a revision guide with tips and ways to help you get through GCSEs. This will be given to all students in yr 10 & yr 11 in September. We rewrote the expectations for learning and made them way more pupil friendly.
Year 11
There is no platform for students to share what they have done.
Created the pupil led “Speak it” page.

Grimm Tales adapted by Carol Ann Duffy and dramatized by Tim Supple

Grimm TalesIt is a Grimm world out there if you are a fairy tale heroine.  As a university undergraduate, I studied the real tales of Grimm and know for a fact that the pretty, musical world of Disney classic fairy tales is far, far away from the cautionary, fiendish, downright cruel versions that the brothers Grimm assembled at the start of the 1800s.

Last week, the drama department and the Year 10 girls told us the real tales, which included the snipping off of Cinderella’s stepsisters’ toes  – by their own mother  in order to fit the shoe and Prince Charming setting traps for Cinderella by covering the staircase in thick tar.  I must admit that I had forgotten that he did that, when I studied these tales in German.

The sun shone down on the clever cast and the intrigued audience on the night that I went, so all could enjoy the two, outdoor playing spaces.  Unlike the London version of this Philip Pullmann adaptation of the tales, which was staged in a Shoreditch warehouse and included lavish sets, we watched, as the girls set their scenes with their hands and their bodies and minimal props.  Each member of the cast slipped in and out of roles.  All were a chorus of workers, when they were not being a protagonist, dressed in green overalls that concealed a princess ball gown or a horrid witch costume.

I loved the white doves that were two hands, clad in gloves and the magical tree that comprised a series of girls in green, with one in white at its heart. I enjoyed the multitude of accents that the girls used too, as you were sometimes whisked away to the States and other times firmly embedded in the Yorkshire Dales.  This made you realise that the whole world has heard these tales.   I loved the way the cast became a forest, in which Hänsel and Gretel lost their way and I liked the cool dance numbers, where the fairy tale characters celebrated their good fortune from time to time.   The choice of music was, as usual with AGGS drama productions, the perfect scene-setter.

So, a hugely talented cast, magnificent direction, a pretty, leafy setting in beautiful Bowdon.  Why not make your way down to this attractive open-air theatre the next time that they stage a delight?  As the Brüder Grimm might have said, “Es wird sich bestimmt lohnen” – it will definitely be worth your while.

Mrs Turner