Learning Disability Week

Learning Disability WeekThis week is Learning Disabilities Awareness week and to promote this year 7 & 8 had an assembly from MENCAP. The group talked about the importance of understanding what learning disabilities are and they showed a fantastic video they have created to raise awareness of learning disabilities.

All three of the young people pictured bravely spoke in front of two full year groups and were very well received. They were: Jonathan Shaw (Mencap Volunteer and previous Young Ambassador), David Parker-Conway (Mencap Young Ambassador), Tom Haskins (Young Ambassador- his sister is at the school he tells me)

The link to the charity MENCAP was made by one of our year 9 pupils, after she completed a charity presentation project this year. This project is about helping our pupils to reach out into the community and explore the diverse and exciting community we live in, giving back and helping where they can.