Mr Emms was awarded the Ordnance Survey award by the Royal Geographical Society for excellence in Geography education

Mr Andrew EmmsA huge ‘Congratulations’ to Mr Emms for being awarded the prestigious Ordnance Survey award by the Royal Geographical Society for excellence in Geography education at secondary level.

Ordnance Survey




The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)’s prestigious medals and awards recognise excellence in geographical research and fieldwork, teaching and public engagement. They are presented annually to individuals who have made outstanding achievements. Recipients join a prestigious list that includes Sir Alexander Burnes, David Livingstone, Alfred Russel Wallace, Captain R. Scott and more recently Professor Peter Haggett, Sir Crispin Tickell and Sir David Attenborough.

This year, the Society’s medals and awards recognise eighteen different people for their outstanding contributions to Geography. The awards will be presented on 1 June 2015 at the Society’s Annual General Meeting in London.’