AGGS Mock Elections

Mock Elections 2015Thursday 30th April saw the AGGS Mock Elections. The girls did a fantastic job at organising the voting yesterday and then counting. For those who saw the Q & A, the competition was tough and the students really knew their policies. The results are in and were announced by our Acting Returning Officer Ellie Foxford at 3.30 yesterday.

The winning party was Labour (Phoebe J) with 177, Conservatives were second with 162, Monster Raving Looney Party were 3rd with 98, Green Party 4th with 92 votes and 5th was the Liberal Democrats with 82.

We had over 600 votes cast which was impressive.
There was an interesting correlation in the voting with certain parties popularity showing in different places around the school; sixth form was Conservative, Main school Labour and our ballot box over the road in Fairlie was Lib Dems.

Well done to everyone who was involved.