Comenius Project, March 2015

Comenius Project, Denmark

Comenius Project, March 2015On Tuesday 3rd March, six Year 10s (Katie, Natalie, Nicola, Emily, Daria and me) and five Year 12s (Lauren, Eve, Ellie, Katherine and Kat) headed to Denmark to complete the Comenius project. After spending the night in a youth hostel in Copenhagen, we boarded a four hour train to Struer, where we would meet our exchanges.

On our first day in Struer, we travelled to a town called Århus, during which we visited ARoS museum (with the amazing rainbow panorama and a colourful smoke room!), the university there (one of only two in Denmark) and then had time to shop and look around the city.

The day after, we visited the Bang & Olufsen factory, and were given a first-hand experience as to how their products are made. Following this, we went back to school and began our final project work. Some of us worked on a video diary, others on a video, but most worked on the book (which is 120 pages long!).

Comenius Project, March 2015Saturday was a day of hard work. Ellie, assisted by Lauren, Nicola and Katherine, slaved away working on the DVD, coming up with the entire menu section – it looks amazing. Finally, we had just an hour to change for a going home party, during which we watched the video diary different people filmed, and every country was given a section to entertain. England went first, and we played ‘Classic Party Games’ – pass the parcel, musical bumps, the orange-neck game and the balloon-knees game. They went down a storm!  The Latvians came next, and did an animal orchestra and got us to all join in with a traditional Latvian dance. The Spanish boys performed a dance, and everyone did the Macarena. Finally, the Danes taught everyone a section of their prom dance. It was, all in all, a very fun night, and there were some very tearful goodbyes.

The following morning, we got on the train to go back to Copenhagen, and all the Danish people came to say goodbye. It was emotional. We dropped our luggage at the station and found an open-top bus tour, and we saw all the beautiful buildings and sites – including the legendary mermaid.

Comenius Project, March 2015After a long day, we made it to the airport and had a long journey home.

Comenius is an experience that is difficult to describe using just the words from the dictionary. Everyone involved, the girls that went to Spain and Latvia, will agree with me when I say that it is an unforgettable experience. I have made so many new friends from all over Europe, and I know that everyone involved has too. The experiences we’ve had, the things we’ve learnt and the memories we’ve made are things I will always remember. Manchester, Struer, Granada and Riga will always have special places in our hearts.

Hannah, Year 10