UKMT Success

UKMTWell done to all girls from years 9, 10, 11 who participated in the UKMT challenge this month. We have received 14 gold certificates, 27 silver certificate and 21 bronze certificates.

A special congratulations goes to:

Anna, Amy, Hannah, Srishti and Wendy who awarded Gold certificate in year 9. Anna was also best in year 9.

Milly, Qiaochu and Clara who awarded Gold certificate in year 10. Milly and Qiaochu were also best in Year 10.

Tokino, Simal, Hannah, Aya, Rebecca and Alice, who awarded Gold Certificate. Tokino was also best in Year 11 and in school.

Clarissa in Year 12 also achieved a Distinction in the British Maths Olympiad Round 2! This is a highly prestigious award as only 25 students in the country receive a distinction.