Final post for today…

The airport at Amsterdam, how conscientious are our young ladies…preparing for tests tomorrow!
I’ll be posting follow up activities that we plan to run with lower school STEM club, so keep checking every now and then to see what’s new.
Thanks again for letting your wonderful girls come on this trip with us, they made it the superb experience it was.

An event at the National Space Centre

Meeting Astronaut Don Thomas was a real treat for us all at NASA. During his inspirational talk he mentioned that he was visiting the U.K. later this year. It turns out that he’s visiting the National Space Centre, Leicester on Saturday 25th March and will be engaged in a full range of activities for the general public. Check out this web address for more information:- or just Google National Space Centre Don Thomas

Let us know if you are going.

Astronauts training at the NBL, Houston

NASA Trip 2017- Video of astronauts in training from aggschool on Vimeo.

Whilst on a tour of the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, Houston the students were delighted to see 2 Astronauts being prepared for a dive on the ISS. Both Astronauts are scheduled for missions in 2018. The video shows German Astronaut Alexander Gerst and American Astronaut Jeanette Epps being lowered into the 40′ pool to carry out some extended training in the weightless environment.