John Stephens, CEO, writes about his recent experience returning to singing in a choir!

Taken from John Stephens (CEO of BFET) weekly newsletter:

Weep O Mine Eyes, Elizabethan Madrigal‘Earlier this week I had the great experience of joining a mixed choir of students from AGGS and the boys’ grammar school to sing an Elizabethan madrigal in four-part harmony. It’s about thirty years since I last sang anything like this, and despite having done my homework on the piece I was terrified at the prospect of displaying my ‘new learning’ so publicly. Moreover, the group had never sung together before. In the event, I needn’t have worried – we were, after all, in the hands of an expert teacher in Ms. Mayall, AGGS’ Head of Music. She got the best out of us with the right balance of critique, high expectations, challenge, encouragement and good humour, the last of which provided the right climate for us to get comfortable in that inevitable dissonance of new learning.’