Christmas concert rehearsal schedule 2016

Click here to download the schedule as a PDF file: Christmas concert rehearsal schedule 2016

Time Type Location Teacher
Mon Nov 28 – after school
3.30 – 4.45 Jazz Band Mr Lodge/Ms Mayall
Tue Nov 29 – Day 2
8.40 Tue solos: Hannah A 7-6, Y13s TBC Ms Mayall
9.05 String Orchestra Mrs Janes/Ms Mayall
9.35 2nd Orchestra Miss Wright/Ms Mayall
10.05 Senior Choir Ms Dickinson/Ms Mayall
10.35 Chamber Choir: We 3 Kings/White Christmas Ms Dickinson/Ms Mayall
11.05 Rec
11.25 Junior Choir Ms Dickinson/Ms Mayall
12.05 Junior and Senior Choirs : Christmas Lullaby Ms Dickinson/Ms Mayall
12.30 Saxophone Ensemble Miss McCallum/Ms Mayall
1.00 Sixth Form stage managers meeting Ms Mayall
1.30 First Orchestra Ms Mayall
2.10 Wind Band Sixth Form Ms Mayall
2.30 Guitar Ensemble Sixth Form Ms Mayall
2.50 Flute Ensemble Sixth Form Ms Mayall
3.10 Chamber Choir and wine glasses players : Stars Ms Dickinson/Ms Mayall
3.45 End
7pm Concert – arrive at 6.30pm via the Main Entrance
Wednesday Nov 30th – Day 3
10.30 Wed solos : Eleanor N Y8/Recorder duet Katie A Y11, India S Y7, Y13s TBC Ms Mayall
11.05 Rec
11.25 Junior Strings Sixth Form Ms Mayall
11.40 Recorder Ensemble Sixth Form Ms Mayall
12.00 Brass Ensemble Ms Mayall
1.30 Y10 Vocal Ensemble Annie Stedman Y11 Ms Mayall
2.00 Cello Ensemble Sixth Form Ms Mayall
7pm  Concert – arrive 6.30 pm via the Main Entrance