AGGS Music Festival

Music Festival 2016

This week saw the showcasing of the talents of 160 performers across 10 different classes at AGGS in our 2nd Music Festival. Both the Church Hall and the Main Hall were buzzing with performances throughout the day, with hundreds of girls able to watch as audience members during the day.

Our 2 adjudicators, Mr Tom Dickinson (Wirral Boys’ GS) and Mrs Kathy Rundell (Wilmslow Prep) gave expert verbal and written feedback to the girls and we are hugely grateful to them in giving of their time to support AGGS in this way.

Thanks too go to Miss Riddle, Mrs Dickinson and Ms Mayall who accompanied over 70 performances and to all the instrumental staff who prepared pupils, including some lovely ensemble arrangements. Endangered instruments was a theme of this year’s festival, with a class showcasing oboe, viola and brass players.

This kind of event wouldn’t be possible without the help of so many administrative staff and parent steward helpers. Particular thanks to Mrs Marshall and Miss Wright who took charge of the adjudicator administration during the day and to Mr Beddow and the caretaking staff for setting up the halls.

The results of the classes are as follows:

Winner Runner-up
Main Hall
Piano 1 Chloe B. 9-3 Binyang Z. 7-2
Voice 1 Jennifer M. 7-4 Imogen B. 7-1
Voice 2 Sophia T. 10-3 Emily W. 10-6
Voice 3 Anna T. 11-3 Effi S. 11-6
Percussion Kiya G. 8-1 Ellie R. 10-6
Piano 2 Flora W. 11-6 Selin C. 7-3
Endangered Faith E. 7-4 Hannah G. 11-6 / Ellie C 11-4
Ensemble Duo : Ellen W. 11-5 & Antonia H 11-6 Duo: Corrie G. 13-3 & Hannah G. 11-6 / Duo: Katie A. 11-4 & India S. 7-7
Piano 3 Sisi H. 11-3 Mingya G. 11-2
Church Hall
Guitar 1 Freya M. 7-6 Eisha N. 9-1
Guitar 2 Milly K. 12-3 Madison T. 9-6 / Ruby B. 9-5
Guitar 3 Suriya P. 11-2
Flute 1 Imogen A. 7-5
Wind 2 Sophia L. 8-2 Holly M. 10-4 / Flora W. 11-6
Strings 1 Peilin Z. 8-7
Strings 2 Emily H. 7-5 Shraddha A. 9-3 / Kiya G. 8-1
Brass Hannah G. 11-6 Emily P. 9-3
Woodwind 3 Bethany J. 13-5 Corrie G. 13-3
Strings 3 Chi-YuY. 13-6 Ruby J. 13-6

All performers should be proud of their performances and have earned a merit towards their form total, in addition to hopefully enjoying the experience of performing in a music festival and gaining more confidence along the way.

AGGS Music Festival tomorrow

AGGS music festival will take place tomorrow, on Tuesday, 18th October. 160 girls are involved again this year with 10 different classes and a wide range of instruments/standards.

AGGS Music Festival Timetable, 2016Parents are welcomed to listen to the Music Festival. Please sign in at the steward’s desk through the green front doors in Main School, and in the main foyer of the Church Hall on Bowdon Road.

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Music Talk – Why study music at Oxford?

Saffiyah, music-talk, Why study music at OxfordSaffiyah Keig-Momin gave a fascinating and illuminating talk on ‘Why study music at Oxford?’ last week here at AGGS. Saffiyah was a student at AGGS from 2007-2014 and an active musician and performer throughout her time at school, directing many of the ensembles and leading 1st Orchestra and String Orchestra as violinist.

Her talk helped explain the process of application, how to choose a college (there are 32 at Oxford!), what to expect at the interview, and what life is like as music student there.

Saffiyah is currently a 3rd year student at Somerville College, Oxford and is hoping to continue postgraduate studies in music at either Oxford or Manchester, with a view to becoming a university lecturer.

AGGS Music Festival Timetable

AGGS music festival will take place on next Tuesday, 18th October. 160 girls are involved again this year with 10 different classes and a wide range of instruments/standards.

Click here to see the AGGS Music Festival timetable-2016

AGGS Music Festival Timetable, 2016