Christmas concert rehearsals

Mon 30 Nov / Tue 1 Dec / Wed 3 Dec – Main Hall

Mon 30 Nov

3.30 – 4.30      Jazz Band

Tue 1 Dec (Rehearsals for all and Tue night ensembles)  Day 2

8.45     Guitar Ensemble

9.00     Soloists: Kiya G 7-1, Holly H Y8, Hope E 8-7, Miranda W 10-1

9.25     1st Orchestra

10.05   Chamber Choir

10.45   Senior Choir (continued after Rec)

11.05   Rec

11.25   Senior Choir

11.40   Junior and Senior Choir (One Candle)

11.55   Junior Choir

12.30   Saxophone Ensemble

1.00     Stage managers meeting – Y12/Y13

1.30     2nd Orchestra

2.00     String Orchestra

2.30     Flute Ensemble

3.00     Wind Band

3.30     End

6.30pm Tue 1 Dec concert – all performers arrive for 7pm start

Wed 2 Dec  (Rehearsals for Wed night ensembles)  Day 3

1.15     Amelia C and Eleanor W Y13 – Messiah duet

1.30     Junior Strings

2.00     Cello ensemble

2.30     Recorder ensemble

3.00     Folk Band

3.15     String trio – Katie A, Ellie C, Wendy G-Y Y10

Please let your teachers know in advance which lessons you will be missing. Going to the Devisdale you must walk across in 2s at least – see Ms Mayall if any questions.

Bowdon Youth Festival 2016

Bowdon-Youth-festivalThe 4th Bowdon Youth Festival will take place over the weekend 4th & 7th February 2016.
Classes for Brass, Woodwind, Strings, Piano, Organ,Voice, Choir, Speech and Drama. Certificates for all entrants and Class prizes.

The closing date is November 30th.
Click here to download the application form:
Bowdon Youth Festival Music Entry Form 2016

Lancashire Chamber Orchestra Concert

LCO-22ndNovember2015Making a most welcome return to conduct and direct the orchestra from the harpsichord is JUSTIN DOYLE from Opera North, formerly director of the Manchester Chamber Choir and now too working with the BBC Singers. We are very privileged –and fortunate-to have as our soloist for this concert , the distinguished soprano Bibi Heal who has already established an outstanding reputation nationally and internationally on the opera stage, in oratorio and in a extremely diverse variety of other musical genres. The first half of the concert is a “Handelfest” with extracts from some of Handel’s many operas. The second half will include some rarely heard Haydn works including an early symphony and Bibi Heal will join the orchestra in one of Mozart’s finest works for the solo voice the concert aria “Ah lo previdi” which the composer wrote especially for one of the greatest singers of his day.

A true musical treat in store for all.

For more information, please contact me on 0161.980.4275 by E-mail  or for more details about the orchestra via its web-site.