Washington/New York trip 2017

The History department resident celebrity (and avid ABBA fan), Mr Dickson, took part (along with students from year 11 upwards) in an exciting trip to Washington and New York during October half term 2017.

The trip was a great opportunity for the students (and Mr Dickson of course) to explore a number of amazing landmarks and sites, such as, the Capitol Building, Library of Congress, the White House (including Rose Garden and view of Oval Office) and the Lincoln Memorial to name but a few (and all visited on the first day there, quite an achievement!)

The trip then saw the group visit; Arlington Cemeterythe Tomb of the Unknown Soldierthe tomb of Pierre L’Enfant (the architect of Washington), as well as the resting places of JFK and his wife, Jackie. The trip was non-stop with even more exciting sites and activities, including, the Museum of American History, the Jefferson Memorial and even a trip to an authentic American mall (McDonalds being a highlight). 

From here, the group then left Washington behind, travelling to New York. Here they were met with well known (yet still thrilling) sights such as the Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge.

Whilst in NYC, the group were very busy indeed, with lots of activities and sites to see! A few of these being (the full list being much more extensive); Miss Saigon at the Broadway Theatre, Liberty and Ellis Island, the 9/11 museum and memorial grounds, New York Stock Exchange, Empire State Building, Central Park and Grand Central Station. 

The trip proved to be a once in a lifetime experience, with the sheer breadth of activities, sites visited and the experiences gained from these being almost indescribable (Although this post has given it a good go!) All those who were a part of trip had an amazing time and will tell you such (they don’t take prompting to talk about this trip).

For more stories or detail about the trip, or simply for some ABBA appreciation, have a chat with Mr Dickson.

P.S- For more photos and details about the trip, the actual trip blog can be found here: