Newark Civil War Centre

Year 8 had lots of fun (all educational of course) at the Civil War Centre…

There was dressing up in authentic civil war costumes, handling 17th century swords and looking at genuine coins from the time too.

Year 8 enjoyed both workshops; learning about the responsibility of Charles I for the war and the opportunity to re-enact the trial of Charles I (beheading and all!)

The glorious weather was also a welcomed addition to the day, with Year 8 basking in the sunshine whilst eating lunch in the courtyard.   

Horrible Histories does the Chase

Horrible Histories club this week re-enacted the popular game show ‘The Chase’.

An intense group quick fire question and answer game against the clock, with the added drama of being chased by a resident expert- the chaser.

A big thank you to our chaser of the week, Mr Palfreyman who managed an impressive victory over 5/7 of our teams.

However, a big well done to our two year 7 and 8 teams who managed to outrun our History chaser.

Intrigued by what we get up to in History club? In years 7-9? Come along on a Wednesday lunchtime and join in.

All welcome!

National Civil War Centre

The whole of Year 8 will be going on a trip to the Civil War Centre next week. This year within History, Year 8 have been studying the English Civil War.

The trip will be an excellent opportunity to bring their learning to life and really deepen their pre-existing knowledge of the topic with numerous workshops.

The first workshop that Year 8 will participate in will revolve around the ‘Trial and Execution of Charles I’.

The second will delve into the debate of ‘Who’s to Blame?’ for the Civil War and Charles’ subsequent loss of his head!

Skipton Castle

In June, we took the entirety of year 7 to Skipton Castle which has links with various aspects of the curriculum, both in Year 7 and Year 8.

Over 900 years old, Skipton Castle is one of the most complete and best preserved medieval castles in England.

Whilst here, Year 7 had the opportunity to explore the Castle both independently and with a guided tour, which enabled them to develop their pre-existing knowledge and deepen their understanding of the castle.

The trip really brought to life all they had been learning this year in History!

Darkest Hour

In June, Year 9 spent a morning off timetable to watch the Darkest Hour.

This film experience was not only very enjoyable for our students, but was also in keeping with the topics studied this year in the Year 9 History curriculum.

The film enabled the students to apply their knowledge and learning from their History lessons, which allowed them to really understand and fully appreciate the concept of the film.

Update: Year 8 History competition

The much anticipated deadline for the History competition has arrived, with some very down to the wire last minute entries to boot!

Thank you to all those who took part, there have been some really outstanding entries, we clearly have lots of creative students!

Stay tuned…the winners from each class and overall winner will be announced shortly.

Calling all year 8, its competition time!

Image result for women's suffrage100 years ago, women finally received the vote… Here in History we want to celebrate the centenary of this momentous achievement of women’s suffrage with a commemorative competition.

The competition is to create a commemorative piece of work related to women’s suffrage, this is an excellent opportunity to get creative and showcase your talents (whilst also commemorating a hugely significant event).

Some ideas might include: speeches, campaign posters, letters, poetry, presentations…

(See the powerpoint link below for a more detailed outline of the competition and for information on the women’s suffrage movement).

Now for the fine print…

Deadline: 20th June 2018. 

Criteria: Your own original work, inclusive of accurate historical detail and your very best effort.

suffrage year 8 competition2

Hungry for more riveting revision tips?

We thought as much…

Have a browse of this website for more ideas on useful revision techniques, methods and tips.

You will also find ideas on how to manage any potential exam anxiety and stress, with suggestions such as mindfulness, exercise and even taking naps (We are definitely all for the latter, which those of you who have been on trips with the History department can bare witness to)

This website has been created for students and teachers alike… you can even delve into the deeper theories behind the most effective methods of revision and learning should you wish!