Glaramara day 2: 7-2 and 7-7

Day 2 started off to a great scenic view…..


After a great nights sleep and a cracking breakfast, we were all fuelled up for the day ahead.

Team 5 headed into Keswick to do some indoor climbing and abseiling. All of the girls were superb, and all who were initially afraid did themselves proud and gave every wall a try. The final room allowed the students to free style without any ropes which was great fun and the springy floor made things a lot more enjoyable.

img_3619 img_3622 img_3633Teams 1 and 2 headed over to Honnister slate mine where they climbed to great heights. All students were really impressive, all of them tried each height and worked well in supporting one another.

img_0121 img_0112 img_1023

Team 3 had a morning filled with Ghyll scrammbling. All of them braved the icy cold water and were particularly brave when they had to jump into the water. Some of the girls were so brave in fact they chose to fall backwards into the water.


Team 4 set off for a morning hike across the stunning surrounding hills. Although the climb was tough, once they all reached the top the views made it all the worthwhile.


Once we had all eaten the well deserved lunch, it was quickly back into the afternoons activities.

Teams 2 and 5 climbed up High Doat and found a wonderful waterfall.

Team 1 had a cold but successful Ghyll scramble.

…and Teams 3 and 4 climbed the slate mine.

The students then competed in an “orange roll” challenge where they had to work as a team to create a bridge made out of newspaper. Once designed and created, each team had to successfully roll an orange down their structure to see who can roll it the furthest.

img_3724 img_3725 img_3728

Overall, another fantastic day in Glaramara and we cannot wait to see what our final activity will bring.