Day 1: 7.1&7.5 Glaramara Trip

It’s fair to say Day 1 has been a success!                                                              
Setting off at 8:45, arriving at 12:15, it was a very quick and scenic journey.                                         
A quick stop for lunch, grouping and room allocation and it was straight into activities! All 6 groups were sent straight out, some indoor climbing, others climbing the mine, some immersing themselves in the very cold streams of the Lake District and one group embracing the climb up Castle Cragg.

All groups had great fun! Dinner was very well received and dessert even more so. There is most definitely a competitive spirit among 7.1 & 7.5, with both forms taking the evening activity very seriously! 

A quick hot chocolate and some time in front of the fire to warm up and it’s off to bed. Lots of rest needed for another jam packed day tomorrow. Hopefully with no rain. But maybe a sprinkling of snow….