The Big Picture

Can you make a round face with squares?

Can you learn a new language in 10 min.?

One of the activities we did recently in the Japanese Club at Lunchtime was to build a gigantic girl’s face from coloured card squares. But this was not just any old face. Every piece of card had a Japanese character on it, hand drawn by the girls in year 9.  With input from the Japanese teacher and a little bit of organization, all girls from year 9 drew a Japanese character at the same time, in form time, around the school. Girls later assembled the face with huge eyes and curly blue hair on an old poster size paper.

 Excitement about which character they chose, what the character was, and how to draw it flowed over in other classes during the day, with girls describing what they had learned. A good way to challenge students in a large group and create Art ….!!

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