What is Love? Hark, a shadow to my genius! – Debbie D

I have thought oft upon philosophy
And given it all my mind could be!
But one thing Plato could not solve
Was how that I could light the bulb
Of my own happiness, to a T!
‘Twas only recently I met Love
And thought that it would be enough
To make my spirit full of fire
So that my heart would never tire
And my smile would be a dove.
Yet through three months of tireless pain
I know that I can make no gain
Through heavy affairs of my heart
I cannot even begin to start
And all the skies can do is rain.
‘No!’ I declared to Cupid’s arrow
I will not let you wantonly harrow
My artist’s mind, and creative flame
My genius you shall never tame!
Like the curves of a bright green marrow.
Now through love I have full learned
Loving should be for spirit spurned
And while my heart may be but transient
My thoughts and words will become ancient
And my genius will be soon discerned.