Untitled – Anaa M 11-1

There’s something about looking at water that gives you a desire to reflect, and not just because you can see your reflection.
She stood at the edge of a miniature finite ocean – otherwise known as a puddle – and stared down at her gently rippling face in the fallen sky tears. It was strange, she decided, how studying your features on the surface of a liquid could change your perspective.
As she watched her face distort and return to normal once again, she found her mind wandering back to last week, last month, and last year. Each and every time she’d looked into a puddle, she’d been a separate person, whether that was a change in her hair, a different emotion playing on her face, or the reason why she’d chosen water over a mirror in the first place. But in that moment, as she stood over the tiny ocean on a pavement, she decided enough was enough.
She jumped into the puddle, her eyes squeezed shut, and felt the water splashing against gravity.
She didn’t mind the feeling of ice-cold water attempting to soak her clothes but, rather, she relished in it, the cool sensation making a much-needed contrast to the frenzy roaring in her relentlessly whirling mind.
A strange sense of tranquillity flooded her senses as she opened her eyes once again but she turned the calm into adrenaline, not particularly caring whether that should be biologically possible or not. She smiled to herself, brushed tiny droplets of water off her coat, and stepped forward, a newfound spark of confidence clearing her frantic mind. Without even a hint of hesitation, she starting walking, walking along the same path she’d always walked on but walking that path as a different person, as someone new.
As her tired shoes quietly echoed on the tessellated pavement, she let herself embrace her decision. She let herself be free of doubt. She let herself open her mind to new doorways. She let herself change…
Even though most people wouldn’t be able to physically see the change, it would still exist. That’s all that mattered to her as she turned back to check her reflection in the puddle for what she hoped would be the last time. She thought she could see a difference in herself and maybe that was only because she could feel one and subconsciously wanted to see it but, either way, she felt changed and she was more than happy with that.
It was time for a new chapter in her life, a new era of her existence, a new beginning.