IMPORTANT: Bronze 12-13th May

Here is a letter from Kevin at Venture out


We’ve revised the drop off and pick up point for next weekend.  Apologies for another change but the new location is more suitable for our purposes when meeting groups and for parents picking up.  There were a few near-misses last weekend when some parents, on seeing their child, just braked mid traffic and parked up onto a pavement.  The new point is in a car park with a visitor centre, tea room, duck ponds and local walks.  We encourage you to go and buy an ice cream or coffee whilst you wait, to support the venue that is run by volunteers.  Please car share.  Please see the attached letter for address and map.(this is on the next post)

Kit list

The updated letter attached also has notes about critical kit items that we check.  It is normal for a few kids on each expedition to need to phone home and get a better pair of boots, waterproof trousers or rucksack brought out to the campsite.  However, last weekend, the cohort that came seemed to have a higher number incidents of this.  I know that sometimes a false idea can be circulated and so I have added a note about what we deem critical items that I advise you check with your child to ensure it is not you that is getting a phone call next Sat lunchtime.


On the School training day the group are shown examples of food to choose to bring for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  They are strongly advised to go away and try a few ideas before they come – this is to avoid, the case of an individual or group arriving with packets of food they haven’t tried, then not being able to eat it and throwing it out and going hungry.  Hungry teens don’t sleep well or walk safely the next day.  This happened more often last week and so please make sure your child has tried their meal out before they come.

Please also note that girls often don’t bring enough food – they either don’t like to ‘pig-out’ in front of others, or more commonly, they don’t believe us when we tell them that they will need to eat 50% more food on an expedition day to allow for the exercise.  We do not allow Pot Noodle for a main meal – there is too much air in the package and very little noodles.  Packets of noodles or microwave rice, with pouches of sauce are what they were shown.

Vest tops / shorts

As it is a warm weekend this weekend, it reminds me that we sometimes have participants show up in vest tops crop tops etc and shorts.  These are not allowed, they are told this but it still happens.  This is not suitable protection from sun, nettles and insect bites, ticks.  Rucksack straps are very quick to tear through exposed skin on shoulders.  T shirts are fine.  They are outside from 9am to 10am on day one and 7am until 4pm on day 2 – suncream isn’t enough.

Hope that helps avoid any problems next Sat.


Kevin Beattie

Education Programmes Manager

Venture Out

07980 306869