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It has been a really exciting year for us this year.  We have record  numbers of students participating with 135 starting bronze, 65 silver and 19 gold.  This is well up on last year when we had 88 bronze, 58 silver and 4 gold.

We have also record numbers completing their awards with our first ever gold award holders.  Congratulations to Roz, Farah (2015-16)and Sudiksha(2016-2017). We have at least four other students who should complete in the coming weeks.

We have awarded 67 Silver awards and 76 bronze awards to the 2015-16 cohort and we have  83 bronze and 53 silver awards (from the 2016-17 cohort) which just need the assessor reports to be completed before those individuals will also complete the award!

Well done to all involved.

Miss Hickman


Bronze 2017-18 teams and dates

Bronze DofE:

Due to large numbers we have added an extra training day and we have changed one of the practice expedition dates as it was straight before year 9 exams. This means that we will run the training and expeditions as two equal sized groups.

Group 1

Training         Saturday 24th Feb 2018

Practice         28-29th April 2018           

Qualifying     16-17th June 2018

Group 2

Training        Sunday 25th Feb 2018

Practice         12-13th May 2018

Qualifying     23-24th June 2018

Italics indicate added dates from the information evening. This was due to one of the original practice dates being right before examinations. Extra training day due to numbers.

There will be twenty teams and ten will be in each group. In order to arrange your team you must write their names on the team sheet. These can be found in the wallet on my door of F28. Once filled these should be put into the other wallet on my door labelled ‘completed forms’. The maximum number in a team is 7, if you do not have 7 in your team then you may be split into two smaller groups and be put with others. If you do not know anyone then do not worry as I will assign you to a group, (just put a note into my wallet if you cannot do one of the dates). Please tick the boxes to say which dates your team are able to do. As there are only 2 new dates added, I would expect the majority of people to be able to make the dates. Groups may have to be split if individuals cannot do the new dates. Please complete these sheets by Friday 17th November or you will be randomly allocated to a group.

As you may be aware all of your accounts have been set up on edofe and you will have been sent an email to confirm this. I will go over how to use this in meetings once I have your team sheets.