IMPORTANT:Bronze Practice Exped Information

For Bronze Participants, please see the letter below from Kevin at Venture Out.

Your child is due to attend their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Training Expeditions on 6th & 7th May. By now they should have gathered all the equipment and food they need. I’m contacting you to confirm the arrangements.

Venue for weekend:
Linnet Clough Scout Camp
Gibb Ln, Mellor, Stockport SK6 5NB
Sat morning drop off: 9:00am prompt.
Sunday afternoon pick up: 4:30pm

This is a large campsite but the lane to it is narrow and the car park small. We encourage all parents to offer car share to minimize traffic and congestion. Please also remember that Google Maps may not work in the countryside due to poor network connection.

The groups will have a trainer assigned to them who will be with them at all times from breakfast to evening. Training them in camping, cooking, navigation, walking and emergency scenarios, in preparation for their assessed expedition.

Mobile phones
The Duke of Edinburgh Organisation recommend that we do not allow participants to have mobile phones whilst on expedition (day or night). The reasons for this:
The participants are encouraged to ‘un-plug’ from the outside world and focus on becoming part of their team by socialising and supporting each other.
Mobile phones don’t stand up well to rain, mud, being crushed in pockets. They run out of charge and there are no charging facilities on campsites.
There is patchy coverage in the countryside, and batteries die and so if you are waiting on a phone call from your young person and don’t receive it or you are trying to ring them to check on them, and they don’t call back – you get anxious for no reason.
For these reasons, we have always run and supervised expeditions in such a way that mobile reception is not required for supervision or safety:
The group are given an emergency phone with the supervisors’ numbers and have been taught what to do as a group in an emergency. We assume that they won’t be able to use it and so our supervisors trail the groups and meet up with them every hour to check in on them.
Sometimes it is necessary for me to contact home if a young person takes ill or has forgotten equipment. I have all the emergency contact details that you provided the school with and can contact parents if I need to. You can contact me directly on 07980 306869 – please only do this if it is an emergency, and remember, I too will have patchy reception and so may not get straight back to you.

If they need to take photos, then they should come with a camera, or maybe their phone but with the SIM card removed.
Thanks for your understanding and support.

Kevin Beattie
Programme Manager