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Link 53: Monday 13th March

Brexit talks continue… exploring the role of parliament and how much of a say the different houses have. Find out more here. 


Link 52: Monday 27th Feb

Tackling the gender pay gap and discrimination, find out more here. 


Link 51: Tuesday 21st Feb

Are we taking equality too far? Or should this happen to promote equality in relationships.  Explore this example here. 


Link 50: Monday 30th Jan

Explore an example of discrimination here. 


Link 49: Monday 23rd Jan

Explore why many women chose to protest in Washington and around the world against Trump. Find out more here. 


Link 48: Monday 9th Jan

Scotland rules out another independence referendum. Find out more here. 


Link 47: Monday 19th Dec

Year 10 have been learning about employment rights, this is a great example of this in action. Find out more here. 


Link 46: Monday 5th Dec

Is the UK segregated? Explore this article for your communities module. Find out more here. 


Link 45: Monday 28th Nov

Find out more about BBC 100 women articles here. 


Link 44: Monday 21st Nov

Why did women vote for Trump? Find out more here. 


Link 43: Monday 7th Nov

Linking to our US election theme… from a woman’s perspective, find out more here. 


Link 42: Monday 31st October

I know that the US election is of interest to lots of you, keep up to date here.


Link 41: Monday 17th October

Will hard Brexit mean Scottish Independence? find out more here. 


Link 40: Monday 3rd October

An interest listen about an interesting lady, find out more here. 


Link 39: Monday 26th Sept

Are we on the brink of a new economic crisis? Find out more here..


Link 38: Monday 19th Sept

Exploring the migrant crisis further here. 


Link 37: Tuesday 13th Sept

Why not consider an alternative perspective on multiculturalism here.


Link 36: Monday 5th Sept

Explore what has really happened since the Brexit vote here. 

Link 35: Tuesday 12th July

Writers views on our new PM – Theresa May. Find out more here. 


Link 34: Monday 27th June

How do EU citizens living in the UK feel about BREXIT? Find out here. 


Link 33: Monday 20th June

This news links to your next year 11 module on communities, find out more here. 


Link 32: Monday 13th June

Are there a lack of female voices in the EU referendum debate? Find out more here. 


Link 31: Monday 6th June

Explore what happened the last time the UK voted to stay in or leave the EU here. 


Link 30: Monday 23rd May

An interesting article that might be useful for some of you and your controlled assessment topics.. have a peek here. 

Link 29: Monday 16th May

Explore the BBC’s special day of coverage focusing on the Migrant crisis here. 

Link 28: Monday 9th May

Explore how global relations with North Korea have been impacted a recent detainment of UK journalists here. 

Link 27: Tuesday 3rd May

Local people having their say and protesting, a great example for your Unit 1 exam. Find out more here. 


Link 26: Tuesday 26th April

Response to MPs decision on not taking in child refugees. Find out more here. 


Link 25: Tuesday 19th April

With the official EU referendum campaign kicking off over the holidays find out all you need to know about the EU referendum debate here. 


Link 24: Thursday 31st March

A really interesting read looking at women in prisons. Have a look here. 


Link 23: Monday 21st March

Is the budget fair? We have talked lots about the economy recently, are the Chancellor’s recent changes fair on society, explore this question here. 


Link 22: Monday 14th March

Find out some arguments ready of your debate today on this helpful article.. 


Link 21: Monday 7th March: 

To mark international women’s day explore how you can stand up for the rights of female refugees here. 


Link 20: Monday 29th Feb

Women and the American elections.. Should gender matter at the ballot box? Read more here. 


Link 19: Monday 22nd Feb

The European Union Referendum debate has kicked off, find out more here. 


Link 18: Monday 8th Feb

Explore the governments changes to the prisons system here – links to Power, Politics & the media


Link 17: Monday 1st Feb

I know how interested many of you are with the American election.. find out how the US election process differs to our process here. 


Link 16: Monday 25th January

Explore how America are dealing with the Tampon Tax here. 


Link 15: Monday 18th January

Government policy challenging segregation in communities. Find out more here. 


Link 14: Monday 11th January

Explore how migration is affecting Calais here. 


Link 13: Monday 4th January

Explore what 2015 did for Politics and what predictions people are making for politics in 2016 .


Link 12: Monday 14th December

Having looked at crime stats why not explore what your local crime stats are here. 


Link 11: Monday 7th December

With our exploration of the media I thought this may be of interest have a look here at how trolls online target feminists.


Link 10: Monday 23rd Nov

We have spoken about industrial action and employees being part of unions. See how Junior Doctors are reacting to their pay and conditions here. 


Link 9: Monday 13th Nov

I know lots of you are interested in the American Political race… Here is the latest news.


Link 8: Tuesday 10th Nov

To find out more about the Malala Fund click here. 


Link 7: Monday 2nd November

What’s the Women’s Equality Party all about? Find our here.


Link 6 – Monday 19th October

How will all these new restrictions link to rights? What do you think? 


Link 5 – Monday 12th October

Some great examples of rights being exercised and debated and how this links to UK law found here.


Link 4 – Monday 5th October

Follow the Conservative party conference this week here.


Link 3 – Weds 23rd Sept

Today we talked about immigration and EU boarder controls..

Stretch yourself and have a read of this reflection.


Link 2 – Monday 21st Sept

We have been exploring Human Rights.. Find out more here : Human Rights Act

Some interesting reflections and stats following our debate about protection vs. freedom – these are US stats but still interesting.


Your first link- Tues 15th Sept

Know the numbers – explore what the results were for the 2015 General Election by clicking here for the BBC’s overview.


This page will have updated and interesting article for GCSE Citizenship students and those thinking about taking the subject… Let’s stretch our learning…

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