School Council training

Tuesday morning the new school council reps participated in some training. This was a great opportunity for the school council groups to get together, develop some team building skills and find out how they work together as a group.

Each year group had to build a spaghetti tower using just marshmallows and spaghetti, this tower had to elevate and hold a small stress ball.


After this each group had some time on their year group focus to help improve the school and make it an even better place to learn in. These focuses serve to start the girls off and then ideas from them and their peers will be actioned as the school year progresses.


The year group starter focuses for this year are:

Yr 7: Yr 7 Pupil feedback questionnaire.

Yr 8: Fundraising idea – school council doesn’t have a budget to any ideas we have have to be fundraised for too. With some money in the pot this will be a great help to get things off the ground.

Yr 9: revamp the homework diary competition.

Yr 10: Make the Code of Conduct pupil friendly & manage the SC twitter feed.

Yr 11: Manage the pupil voice page & decide on merit trips.

All school council meetings start back after half term. See the school council page on this site for details.

China’s state visit

As the UK prepares for a Chinese state visit read about some of the issues important to the Prince William, which he wishes to raise with China’s president.

Click here

School Council results are in…

First some pics from the vote…

counting vorescounting votes 1

Results are in, the new School Council Reps for 2015-2016 are:

Year 7:

7-1: Libby Collins & Rania Nadeem

7-2: Kitty Diffley & Michelle Rana

7-3: Annabelle & Sarah

7-4: Ramina Radmard & Lavanya Rajendran

7-5: Lois Haworth & Sophie Evans

7-6: Malakia & Rose

7-7: Mila Rontree & Ellie Tongue


Year 8:

8-1: Shreya Doddi & Hafsah Kashif

8-2: Aaditi Agrawal & Amber Thoms

8-3: Millie & Aisha

8-4: Ahona Banerjee & Raavi Sharma

8-5: Cara Firzgerald & Hermoine Aspinall

8-6: Emma & Catherine

8-7: Lucy Bishop & Hrisha Vaiwala


Year 9:

9-1: Zona Ismail & Sanjhana Sivakumar

9-2: Liv Harris & Phoebe Sullivan Jones

9-3: Oliva Nyunt & Maddie Harris

9-4: Holly Morris & Annie Hayton

9-5: Charlotte Wykes & Aisling Reid

9-6: Marnie England & Lucy Cotterrel

9-7: Areeba Gul & Charlotte Bale


Year 10:

10-1: Zahra Khan & Lucy Leaver

10-2: Amy Bass & Alice Gamble

10-3: Christiane Mcguire & Fiona Sawyer

10-4: Alizah Hamid & Emily Robinson

10-5: Maddie Langford & Charlie Barrowcliffe

10-6: Sowmya & Dania


Year 11

11-1: Erin Pollard & Alycia Anwar

11-2: Imogen Wolstencroft & Florence Hobbs

11-3: Celine Barclay & Katie Helsby

11-4: Ruth O’Hare & Genieve Isherwood

11-5: Daria Radmard & Lea Levi

11-6: Lybah Haider & Beth Armitage

Important notices for School Council reps:

School Council Rep training is on Tues 20th Oct for year 7 -11 council reps in the Hall period 1 & 2. Please arrive after registration at 9.05am.

Meetings will start AFTER HALF TERM – Starting the week beginning Monday 2nd Nov in the glass box in the Library during form time. You do not need to register with your form tutor, I will register you.

Mondays: Year 7 & Year 8

Tuesdays: Year 9

Weds: Exec ( reps tbc)

Thursday: Year 11

Friday: Year 10

Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month this week’s news link looks back at the life of Rosa Parks with some reflections from Barack Obama.

School Council Elections Weds 14th Oct

politics society

Speeches have been made and ballot papers are being created.. It’s that time of year again… School Council elections will take place this week in the dining hall on Weds. Girls will use local authority ballot boxes to make their choices, choosing one candidate to mark on their ballot paper. The two candidates with the most votes will win.

The time slots for voting are:

yr 7: 8.35-8.45

yr8: 8.45-8.50

yr9: 8.50-8.55

yr10: 8.55-9.00am

Year 11 will vote in their form rooms due to assembly. Results will be announced in school on Thursday. Good luck to all candidates.

The importance of educating girls

It’s a fact that education betters the life choices and helps all people to live a safe life. The education of women is high on the global political agenda. See the following article for reflections on why girls education is so important as prominent women met to raise this important issue.

The importance of educating girls

The new Politics Society

politics society 2

Are you interested in learning more about politics? Do you want to know how you can make a difference? 

If so, Politics Society is for you!

Politics society will be held on Friday Lunch times (12:45-1:15) in Room 13 – Either bring your lunch or see Mrs Bowyer for a lunch pass.

Here are some of the fab events that will be taking place at Politics society over the next few weeks.

Friday 9th October – Introduction to Politics with games and food.

Friday 16th October – All about political parties (Speaker – Ex-Green Party member).

Friday 6th November – Leader of the council, Sean Anstee (Speaker).

Friday 13th November – A chance to be involved with the Youth Parliament Live debate in the House of Commons.

Friday 20th November – Learn about how to get involved and have your say.

Friday 27th November – Opportunity for members to attend a one day conference run by Trafford Youth Cabinet.

politics society