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Celebration of the achievements of your peer.

Teenage Cancer Trust support

Teenage Cancer Trust Cheque from charity committee

This term, the charity we have supported is the Teenage Cancer Trust, who aim to help young people suffering from cancer with specialised nurses and support. We have raised an amazing £1000 for this charity, which was collected through many fundraising events that the Charity Committee organised.

We have run popular cake sales, including a pancake sale and an Easter Egg Hunt, all of which were very successful in raising money to support Teenage Cancer Trust.

Thank you to everyone who donated and supported the fundraising for this important cause.

The Charity Committee

Charity Committee’s Activities This Term

Charity Egg Hunt 2018

Charity Egg Hunt 2018The Charity Committee have run cake sales, a pancake sale, a Pink Day as part of Paint Altrincham Pink and finally an Easter Egg hunt.. The students have also collected half termly donations for charity.

Charity Egg Hunt 2018At the time of writing AGGS has raised £781 for Teenage Cancer Trust, £880 for Prevent Breast Cancer and £195 for Sports Relief making an amazing £1856.

Thank you to The Charity Committee, Form Charity Reps and students for all their hard work and support.

Mrs Greenhow, AGGS Charity Coordinator

Sports Relief 2018

Sports Relief 2018 - Netball staff teams
Sports Relief 2018 – Netball staff teams

On Wednesday 21st March, 16 members of staff took part in a netball match to raise money for Sports Relief. It was a very enjoyable and close match and the final score was 7-4. Ms Gill and 3 students expertly umpired the match. The crowd cheered the teams on, even performing The Mexican wave at one point and managed to raise nearly £200!

Fun Activity Day

Paint it Pink EventOn Thursday 14th March, 11 AGGS students: Jingjing, Ruby and Lara Year 7 Katie, Susanna and Grace Year 8 Bella and Aimee Year 8, Olivia, Emma and Poppy Year 10 on an afternoon trip to AGSB to take part in a fun activity to raise money for the charity Prevent.

Paint it Pink EventWhen we arrived there was plenty going on, including who would take part in which aspect of the race, and putting on our pink tutus. After much anticipation the relay started which included many exciting events, including a ceremony egg and spoon race, skipping and backwards running.

After a very close race, it was AGSB who aimed the first netball into the hoop but they missed! AGGS took this opportunity to take their first shot and scored first try! Therefore we were declared the overall and were presented with our trophy by the Principal of AGSB.

Huge congratulations must go to all who took part and a special thank you to Katie 8-2 who took part in the boys team who were down by one team member. All the money raised will go to the charity Prevent Breast Cancer who fund research purely aimed at preventing breast cancer for future generations. It was a hugely enjoyable afternoon and was all for very worthy cause. We were sponsored by family and friends for this fun afternoon. Watch this space to find out how much money we raised.

Poppy, Y10.

Paint it Pink Event

Paint Altrincham Pink in aid of Prevent Breast Cancer

Paint Altrincham PinkThis week AGGS is taking part in Paint Altrincham Pink in aid of Prevent Breast Cancer. On Wednesday afternoon students will be taking part in a fun sports day along with AGSB, North Cestrian, Loreto and Yipiyap at AGSB. On Thursday the students will wear something pink on their uniform and pay £1 to a very worthwhile cause. There will be a pink cake sale and ‘Prevent’ will be selling pink merchandise. We hope to raise a lot of money and have lots of fun!!

Upcoming Charity Events 2018

So far this academic year we have managed to raise over £5000 for charity and before the end of the year we hope to raise even more. This term the charity we will be supporting is Teenage Cancer Trust. Teenage Cancer Trust is a cancer care and support charity in the UK that exists to improve the cancer experience of young people aged 13–24.

Events taking place this term include:

  • Valentine’s Day Cake Sale on Thursday, 8th February
  • Pancake Sale on Wednesday, 28th February
  • Pink Day in aid of Breast Cancer
  • Easter Egg Hunt

£3,040 Raised on Charity Day

AGGS raised an amazing £3,040 on Charity Day. Thank you all for  your support and hard work.

The Charity Committee will be donating this money  to Human care – Syria, The Mustard Tree -Manchester, Healing Hearts as well as sponsoring  Muhammad Zakria, a Pakistani orphan whom we have supported for over four years.

So far this year the Charity Committee have helped to raise £5,830.

Human Care Syria, a charity for Charity Day

Human Care SyriaHuman Care Syria is a charity that encompasses the values of humanitarian aid without borders. Their projects stand for providing emergency humanitarian and medical aid, but more importantly, long-term projects which can alleviate poverty and suffering through educating and empowering individuals.

Human Care Syria has carried out projects such as:

  • rehabilitation
  • women’s hygiene and sanitation
  • emergency relief
  • child development
  • food security
  • education

These are core values that we stand for as a school and are taught as we are growing up. We can relate to this charity’s beliefs and would love to help them! Education and empowerment are essential in improving the quality of life, improving employment rates and most importantly, improving healthcare. By helping refugees in Syria, we can pass on these values and make a difference however big or small.

Mustard Tree – another Charity for Charity Day

Mustard Tree: Combatting Poverty - Preventing HomelessnessPoverty and homelessness in Greater Manchester are some of the main issues our city is trying to combat. But still 600,000 people and 9100 children live in poverty and it remains a primary challenge. Mustard Tree is a brilliant charity which since 1994 has transformed the lives of people in Greater Manchester who are trapped in poverty or homelessness. The charity really makes a difference to these people’s lives making them feel human and worthwhile once again. They provide them with well needed food parcels and furniture and help those who are struggling to gain the skills and self-confidence they need to reach their full potential. They provide them with job opportunities and programs which enable them to independently gain employment in the future. The money we raise as a school will really help this fantastic charity to successfully do this and help more disadvantaged people of our community in the future.


Healing Hearts – one of Charities for Charity Day

‘In October 2015 my twin girls, Martha and Ivy, were born. Ivy was born with Transposition of the great arteries, a complex congenital heart defect which means that the top of her heart was the wrong way round with the wrong connections to her lungs and the rest of the body. Ivy was transferred to Alder Hey children’s hospital and had open heart surgery at 8 weeks old, which started the repair process and was ‘fixed’ in January this year. Every year around 4000 babies are born with a heart defect in the UK our children’s hospitals have some of the best cardiology departments in the world. We are so lucky that we have such an incredible and progressive NHS to ensure that children like Ivy are given the best chance of a full life.
Through our time at Alder Hey we learned that one of the wonderful surgeons, Ram Dhannapuneni, along with some of the nurses, frequently gives up his own time and skills for free to Healing Little Hearts, a small charity that sends teams of volunteers from PICU and cardiology departments out to hospitals to treat the poorest of children who come from families that do not have the resources to pay for their healthcare.

Healing Little HeartsHealing Little Hearts (HLH) was launched as an official registered charity in 2007 provides Free Heart Surgery to those that need it the most. Their work started out in India but recently we have branched out into Africa (Kenya, Tanzania), Maurituis and Malaysia.
This wonderful charity is working tirelessly to makes the lives of those born in places where their need for surgery is not always met, have the chance to lead a full, happy and healthy life.

Their aim is to continue branching out and the money raised to support camps ensures that each team stays for one week and operates on between 10-12 children per trip; the precise numbers varies. It also allows the team to train junior doctors and nurses in children’s heart care with the eventual aim of helping the centres to become more self-sustaining.

This wonderful charity is working tirelessly to makes the lives of those born in places where their need for surgery is not always met, have the chance to lead a full, happy and healthy life, just like Ivy.’