Charity day 2016

Charity day was an enormous success!
Beginning with the year 13 pantomime we saw students being put to the test at AGGS -with the prize of an “Alty boy” if they survived! Challenges ranged from cakes in food tech to getting past the one way system and Donald Trump. Teachers and students enjoyed it and the song was the perfect end.

In the talent show, we had wonderful variety of acts! There was music, singing and dancing and Mr Barry and Mr Carr were our fantastic hosts. Our judges had very difficult decisions to make, but ultimately decided on the winners-Elena and Anushka. Well done to all those who took part!

There were many stalls to choose from, from food to fun and games! Everyone had a lot of fun. Year 7 had lots of fun their stalls in the library, selling sweets and savoury. Games in the dining room were festive and many brilliant prizes were won. A special mention goes to the photo booth with great festive props! Year 11 rooms included Mario cart, nails and films which saw many visitors. A lot of money was raised, which will be given to charity! – see which charities the money will go to here.


A great end to 2016 – Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

Wendy and Warra, Charity Committee