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Year 8

We WON! Spire Manchester Hospital Competition

Exciting news and a huge congratulations to Parnika, Parissa, Evie, Sophia and Yvonne for winning the competition. They could not decide on one winner so awarded all of them with prizes and their work will feature across both the children’s and adolescent menus. They also have the other hospitals within the Spire group interested in using their designs too so a huge well done to these students.

On Monday we visited the hospital and took part in taste testing the current menu and offering feedback and critique about what could possibly be developed or changed in any way.

They were also given their prizes and the school were given £100 worth of book vouchers. We cant wait to see the actual menus once they have been developed for printing by the designers. Watch this space for those…

Again, well done to all our well deserved winners who were brilliant on Monday, making the school and the Art department very proud.

Here are the winning entries and a few photos from the day….


Year 8 ‘What are you like?’ Outcomes

Lovely examples of outcomes for the year 8 exam project….


Spire Manchester Hospital Competition

Some of my year 7 and 8 students have entered an exciting competition being run by the Spire Hospital in Manchester. They wanted a new front cover design for their children’s food menu. Fingers crossed one of our students wins it…..well done for all of your efforts, they were looking really good…these are just a few….


All posted off now…fingers crossed someone wins!

ChemQuiz 2018

ChemQuiz 2018

Yesterday (21st June) a team containing some of our most promising young scientists travelled to MMU to take part in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s annual ChemQuiz event.  This event is the regional qualifier for the national “Top of the Bench” competition, and the team must consist of two year 8 students and one each from years 9 & 10.  The “quiz”  consists of three rounds; a general chemistry knowledge round; a practical lab-based activity and a demonstration/chemistry comprehension exercise.

Competing against 33 other teams from across the region, our students finished in an impressive 8thplace and received the prize for the outright winners of the chemistry demo/comprehension section, in which students were given unfamiliar information and asked to answer questions based on their ability to apply it.

The AGGS team was Vera P (Year 10), Christabel A (Year 9), Polina K (Year 8) & Nam V (Year 8).  They were an absolute credit to the school.  Well done!

Artist of the Week…

Beautiful and thoughtful responses this week to the exam projects…

Artist pages (Critical Studies)…

No matter what year group you are in or which artist you are researching students often neglect the fact YOUR interpretation of their work is the most important element of the page. I would much rather see a detailed drawing which demonstrates understanding of the artist rather then lots and lots of writing. Some lovely examples of successful artist pages have been handed in this week across year 8 and 9.

What are you like?…

I really enjoy the year 8 exam project because I get to find out a little bit more about my students and their hobbies. The project becomes so personal and individual and thats one of the reasons Art is so great….we can tailor projects to the individual and they can make their work so personal and unique.

Outstanding Year 8 Research Pages…

Some wonderful Andrea Joseph research pages being handed in this week….simply stunning. The detail on these biro trainers is outstanding. Well done.

Parissa A and Nawaira S in year 8.

Year 8 Andrea Joseph Critical Studies

Beautiful works by Evie and Imogen in my year 8 class.