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ChemQuiz 2018

ChemQuiz 2018

Yesterday (21st June) a team containing some of our most promising young scientists travelled to MMU to take part in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s annual ChemQuiz event.  This event is the regional qualifier for the national “Top of the Bench” competition, and the team must consist of two year 8 students and one each from years 9 & 10.  The “quiz”  consists of three rounds; a general chemistry knowledge round; a practical lab-based activity and a demonstration/chemistry comprehension exercise.

Competing against 33 other teams from across the region, our students finished in an impressive 8thplace and received the prize for the outright winners of the chemistry demo/comprehension section, in which students were given unfamiliar information and asked to answer questions based on their ability to apply it.

The AGGS team was Vera P (Year 10), Christabel A (Year 9), Polina K (Year 8) & Nam V (Year 8).  They were an absolute credit to the school.  Well done!

Year 10 Amazing Spaces project

Mrs Lovelady’s Year 10 D&T group have just completed the first project of the year. The design task was based around the concept of ‘Micro apartments’, often found in expensive cities such as London. The students researched the social issues surrounding the increase of property prices in London and how many people were now living in so called ‘Micro Apartments’.

After a series of investigation and designing, the students created a scale model including interior of their solution to the problem. The models have explored space saving storage, pull out furniture and décor that gives the illusion of space.

An excellent start to the course, well done Year 10!

GCSE Year 10 current work

Here are some photos of Miss Silverstein’s excellent year 10 artwork during a recent review of their work. Some fabulous work, they have all been working hard experimenting with a wide range of media very successfully. Well done!

Year 10 Homework Examples..

Year 10 were asked to complete a six box composition inspired by their natural forms theme. They used a variety of different media to achieve this. A set of very pleasing outcomes. Some are still works in progress. Great work!

Year 10 Mood/Ideas Boards…

Great work year 10!

Showing your “workings out”…

It’s just as valuable and important to show your experiments and working out when in Art too like you would have to in Maths. It’s just done in a different way! This shows some lovely watercolour testing, showing a wide range of colour mixing skills, getting it just right before it gets put on her actual painting. We love seeing evidence of this in your sketchbooks so never discard it. It forms part of the assessment objectives so is very valuable

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GCSE and A’Level Annotation Help Sheets…

The syllabus has changed slightly this year and there is more emphasis on annotating your work. 

I have developed these guide sheets to help students achieve purposeful and relevant Annotation. It should be an integral aspect of any art students creative journey. Hopefully it can help….

Year 10….. gorgeous!

My year 10 are making me very proud.

Critical Studies – year 10

Excellent examples of a critical studies page.