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Year 8 Opera Day

Written by Sara K, 8-3

Understanding Opera

The Magic Flute

On Friday 23rd February, Year 8 had the opportunity to experience live opera.

Two real opera singers from Impromptu Opera came into our school, accompanied by a professional pianist; the man, Al, was a baritone singer meaning he had a male, mid-vocal range and the lady, Habba, was a soprano singer meaning she had a high vocal range.

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Y8 Opera workshop By Sara, March-2018

RNCM Wind, Brass and Percussion weekend

RNCM Wind, Brass and Percussion

Sunday May 7th, RNCM

Y8 – Opera workshop

Y8 Opera workshop
Y8 Opera workshop

All students in Y8 really enjoyed this annual workshop, showcasing Impromptu opera – a fantastic trio of professional opera singers/pianist, who showcase live operatic demonstrations, specifically linked to the Magic Flute opera – a topic Y8s study this term. The workshop is full of humour, audience singing participation and breaks down all potential pre-conceptions about opera not being fun/for all. Many girls enthuse about this topic/workshop as being their favourite topic in Y8 and many are inspired to join one of the choirs/persuade their parents to take them to an opera!

Y7 – Sign to Sing Session

Sign 2 Sing 2017
Sign 2 Sing 2017

All Y7s participated in a whole year group singing session, where they learned to sing and use sign language a lovely song, provided by the Sign to sing charity. Girls were invited to bring a voluntary donation for the charity and were made aware of the work the charity does to promote musical opportunities with those who can’t fully hear. One of our instrumental practice rooms is incidentally named after the brilliant percussionist, Evelyn Glennie, who is deaf.

Year 7 Brass Workshop

Y7 Brass Workshop

Y7 Brass WorkshopThis morning all of Year 7 were treated to a fantastic concert given by the Cavendish Brass Quintet, led by Mr Graham South – formerly the AGGS Jazz Band director – linking to the current Y7 music topic of ‘Orchestral instruments‘.

This was a new initiative this year and the girls listened to the trumpet, flugel horn, French horn, trombone and tuba perform a wide variety of music  – from ‘Westside story’ (Bernstein) to an arrangement of ‘The girl with the Flaxen Hair (Debussy). The quintet played to an incredibly high standard and ably demonstrated their instruments individually also, including showcasing many different types of mutes. A beatboxing tuba solo was perhaps one of the highlights!

Many girls showed interest in taking up the opportunity of a free shared brass taster lesson following the workshop – AGGS would love to have more brass players for our Jazz Band, orchestras, wind band and brass ensemble!

Please pick up a letter if you are interested from the Music Noticeboard or print one from Parentmail.

African Drumming

Y7 African Drumming, November 2016
Y7 African Drumming, November 2016

‘On Tuesday the 1st of November we had an exciting lesson on how to play the African drums. The lesson was great, we all learnt so many new things whilst, having a great time (we were all pleased that we were missing maths). The teacher was kind of mad, but a fun kind of mad. The drum I was playing was a djembe but there were other drums like the dundun, talking drum, bugarabu and some others.

When we arrived we firstly learnt how to hold the drum, then the different sounds on the drum (hitting the edge or the middle) then finally we played the drums! We did many tunes but my favourite was: ‘give the dog a bone, woof, woof, woof’ or ‘beans on toast, butter the bread.’ When I left the church hell 10.05am I knew way more things about African drumming then when I entered the room at 9:05am.’

Written by Kirsten M, 7-1