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We WON! Spire Manchester Hospital Competition

Exciting news and a huge congratulations to Parnika, Parissa, Evie, Sophia and Yvonne for winning the competition. They could not decide on one winner so awarded all of them with prizes and their work will feature across both the children’s and adolescent menus. They also have the other hospitals within the Spire group interested in using their designs too so a huge well done to these students.

On Monday we visited the hospital and took part in taste testing the current menu and offering feedback and critique about what could possibly be developed or changed in any way.

They were also given their prizes and the school were given £100 worth of book vouchers. We cant wait to see the actual menus once they have been developed for printing by the designers. Watch this space for those…

Again, well done to all our well deserved winners who were brilliant on Monday, making the school and the Art department very proud.

Here are the winning entries and a few photos from the day….


Mammoth Trip Returns Safely

We have arrived safe and sound back in Altrincham after 30 hours of travelling. The group were all fantastic and had a great time cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge, visiting Alcatraz and skiing in the beautiful Mammoth Mountains.

Mrs. Hickman

The Erasmus+ Project

Erasmus+ project, Granada

We got back safely from Granada yesterday afternoon after a very cold and often wet six days… not what you expect in Andalusia! Our programme (organised by our Spanish partner school) was packed with interesting activities; we spent a lot of time working along with representatives from the other schools in the project (Granada, Lille, Augsburg, Riga and Struer in Denmark) on our project theme of technology and the environment, culminating in the making of an artefact from rubbish materials – our students made an aquarium with jellyfish made from plastic bottles and bags. They also took an active role in a group discussion on environmental problems; the work of the project is all being uploaded to a website which we will share with you when it is ready.

We were also able to get a good feel for the culture of Granada and were privileged to visit the Alhambra. Our students stayed with Spanish families, and there were many tears and invitations to visit again when we departed. They were a credit to the school.

French Trip, February Half Term

40 excited students were off to France early this morning to stay at Chateau de la Baudonniere. While they are there, they will take part in a variety of activities at the Chateau itself and go on visits to the local market, the world-famous Mont St Michel, the equally famous Bayeux Tapestry and the World War 2 Normandy landing beaches. They will be using and improving their French while they are away -we expect it to be chilly, but we are all really looking forward to our visit to la belle France!


Mrs. Crowson

Germany Trip, October 2017

Germany Trip, October 2017

Over half term, 40 pupils from year 9 visited Germany. The aim was to give pupils a taste of German culture and for them to practise their German in authentic settings. They had a fantastic time exploring Koblenz, Trier and Rüdesheim and particularly enjoyed the trip to Phantasialand, a theme park. We also managed to fit in three cable car rides in four days! The pupils’ behaviour was superb and was commented on by our coach driver and the hotel staff. Gut gemacht!

Year 9 Computing Students at Barclay’s ‘IT Girls Allowed’ Event

Barclay’s annual ‘IT Girls Allowed'

On Thursday 19th October, we took 10 Year 9 students to Barclay’s annual ‘IT Girls Allowed’ event at Radbroke Hall. The event is put on each year to inspire young girls into the ever growing world of computing and technology.

Barclay’s annual ‘IT Girls Allowed'The day began with a talk from a young female apprentice who works in Barclay’s cryptography team. From there, the 10 attending schools were spilt into three groups and headed off to their first activity for the day. For us, it was to program robots to manoeuvre around a course. In pairs, the girls set out to program their robots to firstly follow a solid back line course – similar to a self-driving car. After much programming and testing, we all managed to successfully manoeuvre around the tricky course. Following this, the robots had to use their inter-red sensors to move around a space with objects in the way – similar to the mars rover.

Barclay’s annual ‘IT Girls Allowed'Activity two was to design the future. The challenge was set to design a new piece of technology, the most innovate three from each group to present their idea at the end. Christabell and Lois’ ideas took them through to the final in their group, taking home 1st and runner up prizes – with the first prize being an Amazon Kindle Fire!

Barclay’s annual ‘IT Girls Allowed'The last activity of the day was cryptography, in which the girls work in their school groups to crack as many encrypted messages as possible. In the 20 minutes they had, the team managed to crack a staggering 45 messages, crowning them the winning team for the day.

An enjoyable and inspiring day was had by all. Once again, the girls doing the school proud.

Erasmus+ project Trip

Erasmus+Sunday 5th to Saturday 11th. Seven girls from Year 10 are representing the school at an Erasmus+ project meeting in Riga, Latvia.  They will be working on topics such as why people migrate and issues this can cause along with fellow-students from our partner schools in Denmark, France, Germany, Spain and, of course, Latvia.  You can see what they are doing on the AGGS Erasmus twitter… the programme is very varied and includes activities such as making national costumes out of recycled materials, visiting the Open Air museum, exploring the old centre of Riga and buying goods at the central market in Latvian.

Y7 Bridgewater Hall trip to hear the Hallé Orchestra perform

Every Y7 attended a very enjoyable annual Halle concert at the Bridgewater Hall, linking to the SOW on orchestral instruments. The theme this year was ‘Music from the British Isles’ and they heard an excellent performance of Britten ‘Young Person’s Guide to the orchestra’.

This was an opportunity to take the entire year group to the Bridgewater Hall , which is one of the best concert halls in the UK, as many of the students have not been there ever before.

Ski trip to Madesimo Italy, February Half Term 2017

Ski-Trip to Italy, February 2017

46 blurry eyed children and 5 staff left Manchester airport early on Sunday bound for Milan, then onto a coach up a very windy road to start a week of skiing in Madesimo. With a metre of snow having fallen just before we arrived and the sun now blazing we could not have been luckier with the weather or conditions.

The first lessons commenced; some skiing for the first time, others a little rusty since their last outing on the piste. In no time at all, all were speeding down the slopes with more confidence. By the end of the week all the students had improved and to see the beginner group getting down red runs was fantastic.

A superb trip and thanks to the students and staff alike for making it an unforgettable adventure.

French Trip February 2017

A group of 39 girls from Years 8, 9, 12 and 13 spent five days in Normandy during February half-term.  We stayed in a study-centre where the girls participated in activities such as bread-making, archery, circus-skills and photogramme (making photos without a camera).  All the instructors spoke only in French, so the girls were pleased to be able to follow their instructions and to learn new vocabulary.  There were also excursions to the local market (where the girls had to buy the most unusual thing they could find, won by a foot-long black radish), to a caramel-producing farm, to the famous Mont St Michel and to a World War 2 the way they really made an effort to use their French.