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We have arrived at the airport and are all checked in. Just waiting to board at around 21:20, departing at 21:50 – Greece time.

We are still scheduled to land at 23:55 – English time. If this changes before we depart, I’ll try and let you know.

Track the flight: EZY1942

Day 2 – Olympia

Student entry/reflection…

We began our day by forcing ourselves out of bed to freezing cold rooms, having left the air con on all night.

After we got out of bed, we went and had breakfast downstairs. We then packed our suitcases and said ‘cheerio’ to Delphi! After an eventful, long and scenic coach ride, we arrived at Olympia.

Once we were there, we had a buffet lunch at the Touris Club, full of delicious food, where 9 students managed to eat 100 watermelons! We then departed to our hotel. After checking in, we went to the fascinating museum, we saw many artefacts, statues and cats! We walked to the ruins of ancient Olympia and there was many wrecked buildings, such as the Temple Of Zeus. We even saw the Olympic Stadium and quite a few people ran races!

Returning to the hotel, we went and swam for half an hour, which was very refreshing!

We had some scrumptious dinner on the hotel rooftop with an amazing view.

We had time to buy some souvenirs at the local shops, and then had a sublime ice cream! We then walked back to the hotel to get some sleep for an early morning the next day.

It is a very early start for the final day touring Athens!

Day 1 – Delphi

We have had a great first day in Greece! Everybody is in high spirts as we begin to get ready for bed.

Setting off from Athens for a 3 hour coach ride this morning, on arrival we had the opportunity to explore what was once considered the centre of the Earth, at the Archaeological ruins – we saw evidence of the temple, stadium and altar. We then saw some artefacts first hand at the museum.

After lots of food at lunch it was time for some free time to explore the local area and a well earned rest/shower.

After more food, it is clear the Greeks like to eat a lot. Teams were challenged to take the best selfie – each team was a awarded a winner.

Lights out at 11 ready for another day jam packed day tomorrow.


We have landed safely at Athens airport.

Onto the coach and to the hotel.

We will be having an evening meal and then lights out in preparation for a jam-packed day tomorrow, in Delphi.

Celebrating India fortnight

Over the last two weeks, pupils have been celebrating the language history and culture of India. This has focussed on our KS3 pupils, with a variety of activities taking place, such as samosa making; jewellery making; sitar playing in assembly; learning new Indian languages; talks about Indian politics, Indian history and Indian religions; Indian dancing; Hinglish; playing Kabaddi and cricket. We are very grateful to departments for coordinating such interesting activities and to the pupils themselves, who have led many of them.

A Celebration of India Fortnight - 16th Feb - 9th March 2018

Celebrating India Fortnight 26/2- 9/3

A Celebration of India Fortnight - 16th Feb - 9th March 2018

We will be running a variety of activities during the fortnight from 26/2 until 9/3 to celebrate the languages, culture, politics and religions of India.

The activities are as following:

  • MFL- KS3- starter activity- learn a new language- to be led by pupils in each class
  • Music- Kumar sisters to play in assembly
  • Citizenship- exploration of Indian politics
  • PE- cricket on both Tuesdays.
  • Sports leaders (Year 10) to teach Kabaddi to KS3 pupils during Wednesday lunchtimes
  • Dance- Year 8 as scheme of work, taster through year group clubs to be led by older pupils.
  • RS- exploration of Indian religion
  • Science society to deliver to Year 7/8 classes- biology- vegetarian diet/ ivory trade, chemistry-   chemicals in curry, physics- light and its effect on flag colours
  • Maths- study of Indian mathematicians.
  • D&T lunchtime Samosa making session; Indian inspired jewellery
  • Art- paper cuts club to produce shadow puppets
  • English- Hinglish with KS5

Islam Awareness Week 27th of March to 2nd of April 2017

Islam Awareness Week is from Monday 27th of March to Sunday 2nd of April.

It will be celebrated across the country with its main aim being to promote social cohesion and discover similarities rather than dwell upon differences. To participate, AGGS’ Islamic Society is hosting a week of activities on the last week of term to encourage both staff and pupils to ask and learn about Islam as well as clear up any misconceptions.

The timetable of activities is:

Day Activity Location
Monday 27th Calligraphy Room 9
Tuesday 28th Try On A Hijab Room 9
Wednesday 29th Muslim Food Main Hall
Thursday 30th Islamic Quiz Room 9
Friday 31st Mehndi Main Hall

Our aim is to create a comfortable environment where each person is welcome to ask questions, take part and enjoy themselves!

Please encourage everyone to get involved, spread the message and join in whenever you can!


Holocaust Memorial – Sad News

It is with great sadness that Chaim Ferster sadly passed away on Tuesday morning. It was an honour to have him in school and is a reminder of the need to sustain the diminishing memory of such a pertinent event. We agree with Rabbi Arnold Saunders comment that “had nine lives and was an inspiration”, and I am sure the students would agree.

Our sentiments and well wishes have been passed onto Chaim’s family and friends, and the students have been told of the news. It was an honour and privilege to have him speak to the students on two occasions, and I am sure they will remember this significant event in years to come.

See the original article about the holocaust memorial event that took place at the end of January at school:

Chaim Fesrter in the Holocaust Memorial Event, January 2017
Chaim Fesrter in the Holocaust Memorial Event, January 2017
Chaim Fesrter in the Holocaust Memorial Event, January 2017
Chaim Fesrter in the Holocaust Memorial Event, January 2017

Holocaust Memorial Event

Chaim Fesrterin the Holocaust Memorial Event, January 2017
Chaim Fesrterin the Holocaust Memorial Event, January 2017
Chaim Fesrterin the Holocaust Memorial Event, January 2017
Chaim Fesrterin the Holocaust Memorial Event, January 2017

Year 9 took part in a Holocaust Memorial Event on Tuesday 24th January in which they considered this year’s theme, how can life go on? Students examined the nature of genocide, the role of justice, the effects of displacement and whether survivors could or should ever forgive the perpetrators of such crimes. The students were very fortunate to hear Chaim Ferster retell his experiences of how he survived seven different concentration camps. All were particuarly moved when Chaim played his violin to the audience – a hobby he has re-learnt in his later life. It was a memorable experience for all involved.