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Peru Expedition

Azul Wasi

We’re back from Azul Wazi! The owner of the home, Alcides, visited us on Monday night to brief us and despite him not speaking a word of English and Erin thinking he was a bus driver, we got lots of useful info.

We’ve had a brilliant time – the boys all greeted us with hugs as we left the bus and after setting up our tents, we were quickly playing a game of football with the kids. Needless to say they beat us! In the afternoon we started our work building a security fence, making up concrete in big piles and carrying it down the hill in a chain gang. We definitely built up our upper body strength while we were there! In the evening we played football again as it got dark then cooked dinner by our tents.

On Wednesday some of us separated rocks for the wall and mixed concrete. At lunch Alcides bought us lovely sweet bread and cheese (although we couldn’t finish it all).

  • We were all very sad to leave. The boys were really welcoming and we’ve become quite close to them. We contemplated taking Percy home with us! After lunch we had a final meeting where we gave them our gifts and they presented us with little bags and purses. After a final game of football we said our goodbyes and returned tired and happy to Cusco, where we are resting before Puerto Maldonado.