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Sports Leaders

Our sports leaders are half way through their course and 9 helped out at the GM badminton finals and were praised for their work by lots of schools.

Youth Health Ambassador Conference 2017.

Youth Health Ambassador Conference – 26 September 2017

Today 10 girls from AGGS attended the Youth Heath Ambassador (YHA) conference at Lancaster University. The idea of the conference was to champion the importance of leading healthy active lifestyles and inspire them to change not only their own lives, but the lives of others in the school and wider community.

The conference started with an inspirational talk by Rachel MacKenzie; a world champion Thai Boxer. Rachel told her story of the resilience and determination she had to have to overcome the barriers that she faced early on in her career. After working with a coach who did not believe that women should or could be boxers, Rachel dedicated her time to training to become the best she could be as she knew she couldn’t let other people stand in the way of her dreams. Over the next few years Rachel’s determination paid off, winning fight after fight and becoming world champion in Thai boxing multiple times. Her encouraging words set the tone for what continued to be a great day.

Inspired by Rachel’s words the girls then set off to complete 4 workshops. The first taught the girls about healthy active lifestyles and encouraged them to think about how they could make small changes to lead more healthy lives themselves. After this they went to their second workshop to discover what is meant to be a Health and Wellbeing Leader. They shared ideas and started to plan the events, activities and projects they might like to lead in school. Later in the afternoon they worked with Garry from Sports Leaders UK who ran a session on communication, teaching the girls all the different types of communication, how to communicate better and how they may advertise their ideas for their healthy active projects. Finally the girls completed a session about encouraging physical activity and how sessions can be made inclusive by GB badminton player Jenny Wallwork. With many of our AGGS girls being badminton players themselves, this was a real treat.

The day finished with another inspirational talk, this time by Jenny, who shared her story of over coming mental illness whilst representing GB at badminton and the struggles she faced. Jenny spoke about how to push yourself a little bit more each day in order to achieve your dreams and not let barriers hold you back. To use Jenny’s words, when you are “outside your comfort zone, that’s when the magic happens”.

All the girls had a fantastic day and have left inspired about how they can lead more healthy active lifestyles and are already planning the projects they would like to run at AGGS. What this space!

Our Year 10 YHAs are Shreya D, Elizabeth G, Morvyn C, Mary W, Isobel C, Hania S, Teje SB, Kalsoon A, Olivia P and Xiaoxuan Y.

At the beginning of the day 

Group 1 in their work shop.

Leading a session with Jenny

Discussing ideas.


The year 10 Sports Leaders were asked to help at the Year 1 multi-skills festival at Altrincham Leisure Centre. They had a great time helping to organise all the events, although they were shattered by the end of the 2 hours!!!! ( Now they know how teachers feel at the end of a day!!!!!).

The girls were a credit to the school and the organisers were very impressed with their involvement. One of our leaders, Alice, was shocked though, when she asked a little boy to do something and he said ‘no’!!!!! She was so surprised, she didn’t know what to say!!!!!

Thank you to all who took part.     Mrs Finch


AGGS 7th Annual Sports Dinner

The annual sports dinner was once again a huge success with students parents and staff celebrating the success of the school teams during the winter season. Congratulations to the girls who were awarded colours in badminton, dance, hockey and netball. We have had another very successful winter season and are very proud of our girls’ achievements.
Special thanks to Hannah Norman our guest speaker for the evening. Hannah was an ex ‘Alty Girl’ who played in the school hockey team who last won national finals in 2002. She is now player/coach for the Great Britain Tchoukball team. Her speech was inspirational and we all really enjoyed hearing about her international sporting experiences. We are looking forward to next year already!







SPORTS LEADERS – year 10 help at the Primary Scools Indoor Athletics Competition.

Ten of our Year 10 Sports Leaders students helped at the second Primary Schools Indoor Athletics Comeptition for Years 5 and 6 at Altrincham Leisure Centre on the Thursday afternoon before half term.

Once again they were complimented by the organisers for their involvement, attitude and organisation. 

The girls had a great time and were a credit to the school. 

Thank you girls and well done.

Mrs Finch

 There are two more sessions in March and April when girls will be helping at the Year 1 and 2 events.