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Gabriella S Inline Skating Success

Following on from her success at the 2017 World Championships, in Dijon, Gabriella S (Year 11) took part in the 8th World Inline Skating Championships in Cork, Ireland. This year, she competed in the Elite Solo Ice Dance Junior Division (i.e Division 1) having progressed from the 4th Division Junior Ladies and had to skate two programmes – the first contained two compulsory pattern dances – the Starlight Waltz and the Paso Doble (both dances were based on traditional ballroom dances but were, of course, skated on wheels!). Her second programme was a free dance and she chose to skate to ‘You Raise Me Up’ by Westlife.

Having moved up so many divisions, Gabriella fought off some strong competition not only securing a huge increase to her personal best (nearly doubling the score she got when she won Gold in Madrid a couple of months ago) but also finishing in 4th place overall.

Well done Gabriella!

Tilly and her team win the Junior World Inline Championships

Tilly O, July 2018Tilly competed at the Artistic Inline World Championships in Cork, Ireland with her team, Whizz Kids. They are returning as the Junior World Champions. This was a new adventure for them as they skated on wheels and not blades, with only 10 weeks of training. They also got a bronze in the Chorus section.

This is a fantastic achievement for Tilly and her team, well done!


Tilly, in year 10, competed for her club, Altrincham Synchro Club in the British Synchronised Skating Championships at the National Ice Rink in Nottingham. There were 60 teams competing from all over the country. Tilly’s team, The Whizz Kids competed at advanced Novice B category and took the gold with a new personal best. This was a fantastic achievement and reward for all the hard work and 6am training times!!!!

Well done Tilly and her team.

Silver to Tilly

Tilly's Ice Skating SuccessTilly, 10-3, competed in the ISU (International Skating Union) Winter Cup, Belgium this Wednesday with her team The Whizz Kids. She Scored a personal best and they won the Silver Medal, in Synchronised skating with her partner Tabitha (from another school)!

Well done Tilly!


Gabriella S, 2016

Congratulations to Gabriella in year 10 for her success in synchronised ice skating. Together, with other members of her team, representing GB, she won the French Masters (International) Championships in Lyon, France. This was their first International competition and they were competing against the French and Swiss National teams.

Well done Gabriella. What an achievement.


Congratulations to Hannah Grant in Year 10 for her success in speed skating. Hannah has been a member at Altrincham for the past two years. She already enters National competitions all around the country. Through her results in many competitions Hannah is 4th in the country in the U15 age group. She has also come 3rd in the skater of the year competition. Through having great results in five out of the six competitions Hannah was awarded the bronze medal. Well done Hannah and we wish you every success in the future.