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Dressing Girls Around the World

The Year 11 textiles students have been going global with their community spirit, with their support for the Dress a Girl Around the World project.  Their garment construction skills were tested in the production of the dresses and their skills extended with the addition of Rouleau loops and patch pockets.

The project was started with the aim of providing a dress for every girl around the world who, for whatever reason, is living in abject poverty. Since 2006, the project has delivered over 1 million dresses to 81 countries.

Many thanks to Mr Hunt from Ivyleague (UK) Ltd, for donating the fabric for both the Year 8 and the Year 11 projects.

Food Tech this Half Term

The year 10 students went on a trip to the Food Sorcery in Didsbury

This half term has been a busy one in food. We have said goodbye to our year 11 students and wish them lots of luck in their exams.

The year 10 students went on a trip to the Food Sorcery in DidsburyThe year 10 students went on a trip to the Food Sorcery in Didsbury to develop and improve their practical skills. They made delicious Cornish pasties and profiteroles. We had a fantastic time and picked up lots of new tricks to ensure success when making choux pastry.

Years 7, 8 and 9 continue to work hard to develop their own skills and have produced some lovely dishes this term including home made pizzas, chilli con carne and chicken goujons.

Have a lovely break. We are looking forward to the launch of the AGGS Bake Off 2018 competition after the break.

Mrs. Clutton



Macbeth Livestream

Macbeth LivestreamOn Thursday 26th April, 129 Year 10 students were given the opportunity to watch the latest RSC production of Macbeth as it was beamed into school as part of the National Schools’ Broadcast livestreaming event. Students brought pillows and snacks, and relaxed as the show was broadcast directly into the Drama Studio and Fairlie classrooms.

The performance stars Christopher Eccleston and Niamh Cusack, presenting a contemporary reimagining of the Scottish setting. Students enjoyed both the tension created by a large digital clock counting down, and the reimagined witches as little girls dressed in onesies.

Year 11 Book Group

Year 11 book group
Year 11 book group

Like reading? Want to develop your skills of discussion? Join the Year 11 Reading Group, who meet once every half term.

Where: Library

When: Friday 27th April (Day 10)

Time: 12.45 – 1.15pm

Book: The Time Traveler’s Wife – Audrey Niffenegger

All Year 11 are welcome! 

See Miss Devlin for more details

Year 11 NEA 2 completion

Well done to year 11 who have completed their NEA 2 and 50% of their GCSE in food and nutrition.

See some of their dishes here:

Year 10 Bread Making

Year 10 are working hard this term understanding more about the chemical and physical properties of the ingredients used to make bread. This half term they will make soda bread and butter, naan bread and curry, shaped bread rolls and tortilla wraps to serve with fajitas.

Year 11 GCSE Food and Nutrition Dishes

The Year 11 GCSE food and nutrition students have worked really hard over the last three weeks to complete the practical element of their NEA 2. They have made some delicious dishes so well done and thank you for all their hard work. Thanks must also go to those at home behind the scenes who have helped with all the preparation as well as putting up with their kitchen being taken over! Thank you.

Christmas Baking

Christmas Baking

Well done to all those students studying food technology this term. The year 10 students have made a great start to their new course and the year 11 students have continued to work as hard as ever. Well done everyone and thanks for all the parental support. We’ve had some fantastic Christmas bakes this year.

Christmas Baking Christmas Baking Christmas Baking Christmas Baking Christmas Baking Christmas Baking Christmas Baking Christmas Baking Christmas Baking Christmas Baking Christmas Baking Christmas Baking Christmas Baking Christmas Baking


Year 10 GCSE students at the Good Food Show

On 1st December, last Friday, the Year 10 GCSE students spent the day at the Good Food Show in Birmingham. We all had a great day and immersed ourselves in the exciting and ever changing world of food. There were lots of famous faces about including Nadia Hussain, a previous winner of the Great British Bake Off, who did a demonstration for the students in the Big Kitchen super theatre.

Fish Monger at AGGS

Fish Monger at AGGS

This week Janice Hamilton, a fish monger from Waitrose in Altrincham, delivered a demonstration to the Year 11 Food and Nutrition students on preparing, filleting and skinning fresh fish. This is an important high level skill required for their GCSE. Janice brought in some Sea Bass and Sea Bream and after showing them the different skills she gave the students the chance to have a go themselves. We really appreciate this opportunity to learn from an expert and the students thoroughly enjoyed the session. Thank you Janice.

Fish Monger at AGGS Fish Monger at AGGS