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Roxy Won The D&T Folder Design Competition

Well done to Roxy R in 7-3 for winning the D&T folder design competition! Her design has already been printed on the next Year 7’s folders ready for September.

Food Tech End Of Year Summary

I would like to end this academic year by saying well done to all of you who have made some of the amazing dishes that leave F7 every day. Thank you for all your hard work. Well done and good luck to Year 11.

Over the last 2 weeks we have run the AGGS Bake Off competition. More than 30 students entered the competition and made Swiss rolls in the elimination round. We are looking forward to the final in September when the chosen finalists will be asked to make a show stopper cake that reflects their personality!

We were lucky enough to receive some money from the PTA which we have spent on new equipment that will benefit all students. Thank you PTA.

Mrs. Clutton and Mrs. Hulme have planned a new trip for Year 11 which will allow the students to investigate food provenance and the topics of primary and secondary processing, organic farming and environmental issues linked to food at Stockley Farm.

Year 9 have worked hard on their street food projects and have made some amazing dishes that reflect the progress they have made in food since they started in year 7.

Thank you to everyone who helps in the food department. Happy holidays. We look forward to working with you again in September.

Dressing Girls Around the World

The Year 11 textiles students have been going global with their community spirit, with their support for the Dress a Girl Around the World project.  Their garment construction skills were tested in the production of the dresses and their skills extended with the addition of Rouleau loops and patch pockets.

The project was started with the aim of providing a dress for every girl around the world who, for whatever reason, is living in abject poverty. Since 2006, the project has delivered over 1 million dresses to 81 countries.

Many thanks to Mr Hunt from Ivyleague (UK) Ltd, for donating the fabric for both the Year 8 and the Year 11 projects.

Comfort Bags

A casual conversation with the County Co-ordinator of the Greater Manchester West Girlguiding Association, resulted in Miss Williams Year 8 textile group enhancing their textile skills by producing 50 drawstring bags. The comfort bags are a local community project and the bags will be filled with combs, soaps, toothbrushes/toothpaste, pens etc. that have been sourced from local suppliers. The filled bags will then be given to hospital visitors who, for whatever reason, have not been able to collect these items from home for themselves. Well done to Year 8 and the handful of Year 9 students, who also volunteered to support the project.

Many thanks to Mr Hunt from Ivyleague (UK) Ltd, for donating the fabric for both the Year 8 and the Year 11 projects.

End of D&T rotations

Well done to all of you who have completed your products in the D&T rotations this term! The quality of some of the finished articles is amazing and really show off how creative our students are.

Year 7 have been creating drawing tools using CAD/CAM, Year 8 have been designing and making copper jewellery inspired by the seasons and Year 9 have been looking at Modernist architecture to inspire their lighting designs.


Year 7 drawing tools created using CAD/CAM and basic hand tools in the workshop.

Year 8 copper jewellery inspired by nature in the seasons and made using traditional silversmithing techniques.

Year 9 lighting created using CAD/CAM and workshop machinery, inspired by modernist architecture.

Year 10 Amazing Spaces project

Mrs Lovelady’s Year 10 D&T group have just completed the first project of the year. The design task was based around the concept of ‘Micro apartments’, often found in expensive cities such as London. The students researched the social issues surrounding the increase of property prices in London and how many people were now living in so called ‘Micro Apartments’.

After a series of investigation and designing, the students created a scale model including interior of their solution to the problem. The models have explored space saving storage, pull out furniture and décor that gives the illusion of space.

An excellent start to the course, well done Year 10!

Designer of the month

Well done to all of the designers who have won ‘Designer of the Month’ this year! It is a massive achievement as your work has been selected from all the classes from year 7 to year 11 in the D&T area that you have been working in.

Here are the winners from the past two months who will receiving their prizes and certificates in their last assemblies of the term.

May winners:

Mariya 10-6 (Food)

Charlotte 9-2 (Product Design)

Daisy 7-3 (Textiles)

June winners:

Phoebe 9-5 (Food)

Nadia 10-7 (Product Design)

Aaliyah 8-7 (Textiles)

Well done!


Winner of the D&T folder design!

We have had some fantastic entries this year from lots of different AGGS students in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10! It has been a very difficult decision but Gunita in 7-5 is the winner!

Her design has been converted into a digital design so that it can be screen printed onto the folders. We cannot wait to see it on the folders soon!

Well done Gunita!

Fundraising for the Manchester Emergency Fund

Yesterday was AGGS’ annual Open Day and as usual we have been making products to sell to the parents and pupils looking around. This year we made acrylic key rings using the laser cutter that could be personalised with names.

MCR Key-ring

To celebrate being part of Greater Manchester the Manchester bee was included on the design as well as a hexagon from the school logo. This also meant it saved lots of material as the shape could be tessellated!

We raised over £150 which will all be donated to The Red Cross Manchester Emergency Fund.

Next week the bee key rings will be available to order for staff and pupils. More information coming soon!


D&T folder design competition!

We only have 7 weeks until we finish for the summer holidays! With this in mind, we are already getting busy for September and the new Year 7s that will be coming into D&T.

Two years ago we introduced our D&T folders that include designs created by current students at AGGS. Miranda, currently in Year 11 and Chimno , currently in Year 9, have been the last two winners for their bold and creative designs.

The department are running the competition again this year and if you are selected, your design will be screen printed onto over 100 folders for the new Year 7!  There will be other prizes including a Trafford Centre voucher for the winner.

Entries should be handed into Mrs Lovelady by 23rd June, in F6. Here are some requirements for the design…

  • Include an element from each area of D&T (Textiles, Food and Product Design)
  • Include ‘D&T’ somewhere on the design
  • Make sure it is simple- it is difficult to print when very complicated
  • Don’t include colour- It will only be printed in one colour
  • Do the design on A4 paper

Try to make your design as creative as possible! We are looking for something new so don’t just copy one of the existing designs. Site such as Pinterest are great for inspiration. Follow this link to see some logo designs…

Pinterest logo designs

Above: Last two years designs by Miranda and Chimno