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Year 9 – Rymans National Enterprise Final

Year 9 - Rymans National Enterprise Final

The 2016 Ryman National Enterprise Challenge final was held at Doncaster Racecourse, supported by Kingswood, on Wednesday 29th June. The event saw the winning teams from over 120 schools come together to compete against each other. High street retailer and stationery giant, Ryman set students the task of coming up with the best school based business, as their owner and former dragon’s den star Theo Paphitis got his first taste of business at school, whilst running the school tuck shop. ‘Whoops’ from 9-2 who consisted of Isabella, Sarah, Tabitha, Grace, Tiffany and Laura represented the school and did a stirling job, but unfortunately weren’t crowned winners.

The students had a good day though as the event was hosted by children’s TV legends Dick & Dom. There was a guest speech from Michael ‘Eddie’ Edwards aka Eddie the Eagle, ‘Eddie’ who came to the finals to tell his story first hand and to show the students that if you want something enough – then anything really is possible! Theo Paphitis headed up the judging panel and hosted a Q&A with the students.

Well done to: Isabella, Sarah, Tabitha, Grace, Tiffany and Laura.

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Year 11 Leavers’ Breakfast

Year 11 leavers celebrationsOn Friday 13th May, Year 11 celebrated the last official day of their five years at AGGS prior to study leave.  We held a breakfast in the dining room, where bacon rolls and croissants were eaten, leavers’ books signed and the atmosphere a heady combination of excitement and nostalgia.  This was followed by the Leavers’ Assembly, including speeches, drama and music performances from both staff and girls and ending with a montage of memories and a cascade of balloons.


Manchester Youth Hack


During February Half Term,  we (Holly R and Miranda W) took part in Manchester Youth Hack for the first time. We were teamed up with two boys in year 11 and chose to complete the AutoTrader AstroPi challenge, which was: We’d like you to design a game/app/experiment that Tim Peak could use in Space.

We developed a simulation of a series of mini-games to be played on the ISS using several Raspberry Pis. At the end of the two days our work was judged, and we won the AutoTrader category and were shortlisted for Best in Show. The event was free, yet we left with fantastic prizes such as 8GB memory stick wristbands and Google Cardboards. There will be many events like this in future and we recommend it to anyone with an interest in programming and software development.

Written by Miranda and Holly

Year 8 Enterprise – Mosaic Enterprise Challenge

Mosaic Enterprise ChallengeLast week, the whole of Year 8 took part in the Mosaic Enterprise Challenge.The Mosaic’s Enterprise Challenge is an inter-school competition which encourages a spirit of entrepreneurship amongst young people. In addition to encouraging an understanding of business and enterprise, participants also develop a number of transferable skills such as confidence, team work, meeting deadlines, clarity of expression, lateral and creative thinking and flexibility and adaptability.

Students learnt about businesses, business principles and then applied them by playing an online business simulation game during which they produced, marketed and sold one of five products. Each team still has the opportunity to play the game as many times as they wish until the closing date of 12th February 2016. The team’s highest profit over all the games is then taken and the top five scoring schools are then invited to the Regional Finals.

Massive congratulations to team 3 which has the highest net profit of £12,262,271 but this could all change. Good luck to all teams.

Year 11 Fundopoly Enterprise Day


On 30th September Year 11 took part in a Fundopoly day trading in stocks and shares on the AGGS Stock Market. The day was delivered and run by employees of BNY Mellon. Trading was tough and highly competitive as the girls worked in teams to make as much money as they possibly could before trading ended. There was plenty of deliberation and important decision making to be made especially when the share prices of Gold and Greggs went up! They learnt how an investment bank differs from the High Street bank and experienced how the stock market actually works. Year 11 enjoyed speaking to the BNY employees about their particular job roles within BNY Mellon.

Physics Achievement by Maria, Year 13

Maria, Year 13 PhysicistCongratulations to Maria, Year 13, who won the Corpus Christi College Oxford ‘School’s Science Prize’. Maria came joint first on the subject of ‘quantum mechanics’. She wrote the article as a debate and used the debate as a metaphor for quantum mechanical ideas.

Maria also submitted an article to the Institute of Physics on ‘The Power of Thought’ .

First she presented Galileo’s thought experiment with a ship and a cannonball, to illustrate the idea that the Earth can be spinning on its axis without us feeling its motion. Then she gave the problem and solution to the ‘Maxwell’s Demon’ thought experiment and presented a form of the ‘Bootstrap Paradox‘ with time travel, by suggesting Galileo going forwards in time and seeing Maxwell’s ideas, and Maxwell getting his ideas from old records of Galileo’s work. Then she wrote a form of Hilbert’s infinite hotel room paradox, suggesting that each room be one to contemplate thought experiments in and everyone has to move up a room to make space for Galileo.

Maria said, “I am extremely honoured to have my article published in the PhysicsWorldPhysics World magazine. So next time you’re in the mood for an experiment but don’t have any electromagnets to hand, escape into the state-of-the-art laboratory of thought and you might just stumble upon the next great scientific breakthrough…