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Dance workshop with the Centre for Advanced Training in Dance (CAT)

On Monday, Year 9 and Year 10 dancers participated in a dance workshop with Lyndsey Thomas from the Centre for Advanced Training at the Lowry.

Dancers took part in a 3 hour contemporary dance technique class and creative session. Everyone participated enthusiastically and we all enjoyed the session…although we are all a little sore today!

Some dancers are interested in attending the open days and contemporary dance classes at the Lowry. For more information on these, and the CAT scheme at the Lowry, please visit


Brook – Gender Identity and Sexuality Workshops

Brook Gender and Sexuality workshop-1

On Monday year 8 had a session in the hall with the fantastic youth workers from Brook. The session considered and explored Gender Identity allowing students to engage in productive discussion about the issue and learn different terminologies and the importance of respecting others. The session also explored sexuality and the dangers of homophobia and transphobia and how this can make a person feel. The session was fantastic and year 8 seemed to gain a great deal from the activities and discussions.

Brook Gender and Sexuality workshop-1 Brook Gender and Sexuality workshop-1

Year 8 Opera Day

Opera Day, March 2016

Year 8 classes were attending the opera workshop on Thursday 31st March. As ever, it was a real highlight in the music calendar and really reinforced the opera topic the Y8 girls have recently finished.

Habba, Al and Martyn are all consummate performers and proved again to be brilliant entertainers in true operatic fashion. The improvised recitative section in each of the 3 sessions were inspired – apologies to those Cheshire Wives’ fans P3! Morvyn in 8-5 did a brilliant job of improvising with them too.

‘Impromptu opera’ , as they are known, spend most of their time entertaining at special events – weddings and restaurants etc – we are their only school workshop – thanks to Amanda Wright who knows them personally and asks them to deliver it every year.

Opera Day, March 2016