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Athletics Success for Francesca!

Last weekend Francesca won the National U20 Championship in the 1500m and is officially the best in Britain!  We are waiting news this weekend that she has achieved the time required to qualify for the World Championships .  What amazing news, we are very proud of you Francesca!

Francesca also raced in the senior Girl`s 800m at The Greater Manchester Schools and finished 1st in 2 minutes 9 seconds and broke the championship record set in 1995.   She has also qualified for the English Schools Championships, where she will be entered into 1500m.

Below is a picture of Francesca racing for Great Britain on May 20th at the Loughborough International where she set a PB of 4 minutes 18 seconds.


AGGS Presents ‘Oliver’ production. Artwork made by Susanna K 9-6
AGGS Presents ‘Oliver’ production. Artwork made by Susanna K 9-6

AGGS Presents – Oliver production

Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th July, 7.30pm

Main Hall

Tickets available from reception

Joint Netflix choir project on air now on ‘Safe’ Netflix series

 Joint Netflix choir project on air now on ‘Safe’ Netflix series

AGGS Chamber Choir and AGSB students can be heard and seen singing at the very beginning of episode 4 of the new thriller series ‘Safe’, currently found on Netflix. This is an exciting achievement for the students and the Music Department! More about this joint vocal project here……

See more information about the recordings here:



Art / Alumnae Exhibition 2018

A-Level Summer Art Exhibition 2018

An exhibition of A-Level work

Private View: Tuesday 19th June 2018, 5.30pm-8.00pm

Main School Hall

The exhibition will be displayed during the week of Monday 18th June – Friday 22nd June 2018

NB: For schools and departments wishing to visit the exhibition please contact Sarah Taylor on 0161 912 5912

Recent English Successes

English Successes, June 2018There have been a number of successes in the English Department recently: Ellen W. came runner up in the National English and Media Centre Close Reading Competition, with her analysis of an extract from ‘The Impressionist’ by Hari Kunzru. To be commended, the judges commented that students wrote fresh personal responses to the passage, balancing an overview with more detailed analysis and developing a line of argument. Her entry is available to read on the EMC website. https://www.englishandmedia.co.uk/assets/uploads/documents/Ellen_Waters.pdf

Further to this, Ant H. was one of the winners of the prestigious Peterhouse College, Cambridge’s Thomas Campion English Prize. Students are tasked with exploring a theme within literature, this year’s being ‘discomfort’. The standard of entries was high but the judges felt that her essay stood out for its clarity of argument, stylish prose, level of research and originality of thought – viewing discomfort in light of Second Wave Feminism. This is a fantastic accolade and Ant is to be commended on her high level of academic writing.

Congratulations to both Ellen and Ant!

Calling all year 8, its competition time!

Image result for women's suffrage100 years ago, women finally received the vote… Here in History we want to celebrate the centenary of this momentous achievement of women’s suffrage with a commemorative competition.

The competition is to create a commemorative piece of work related to women’s suffrage, this is an excellent opportunity to get creative and showcase your talents (whilst also commemorating a hugely significant event).

Some ideas might include: speeches, campaign posters, letters, poetry, presentations…

(See the powerpoint link below for a more detailed outline of the competition and for information on the women’s suffrage movement).

Now for the fine print…

Deadline: 20th June 2018. 

Criteria: Your own original work, inclusive of accurate historical detail and your very best effort.

suffrage year 8 competition2

AGGS Training Day 2018

Our new Year 9 ambassadors were trained recently and AGGS hosted the Anti-Bullying training day for schools in Manchester. The Year 9s were joined by other passionate students from secondary schools and took part in a jam-packed day!

The students learnt how to recognise bullying, the different types of bullying and how their role as an Anti-Bullying ambassador is crucial at school. Along with a fun parachute game which allowed the ambassadors to think how everyone if different yet equal, they were able to develop leadership and communication skills and elected a team leader. Susi will be updating the Diana Award regularly about the progress the AGGS team make and will be able to ask for resources on behalf of the team. The team voted for a creative and enthusiastic leader; well done Susi!

After the other schools left, the AGGS team were able to sit with the staff from the Diana Award and discuss the individual roles they will have in the team. We had a range of roles, from very confident speakers to assembly presentation makers. Jaya and I look forward to working with the Year 9s in the next year and can’t wait to see how they continue to make AGGS a friendly, bully-free school.

So, the training day was a success! We all received goodies such as a new badge and wristbands and learnt valuable skills which will help us create a stronger and more efficient team at school.

Thank you to the Diana Award staff who visited us and we hope to see you soon!

Written by Hira, Year 12

What is Love? Hark, a shadow to my genius! – Debbie D

I have thought oft upon philosophy
And given it all my mind could be!
But one thing Plato could not solve
Was how that I could light the bulb
Of my own happiness, to a T!
‘Twas only recently I met Love
And thought that it would be enough
To make my spirit full of fire
So that my heart would never tire
And my smile would be a dove.
Yet through three months of tireless pain
I know that I can make no gain
Through heavy affairs of my heart
I cannot even begin to start
And all the skies can do is rain.
‘No!’ I declared to Cupid’s arrow
I will not let you wantonly harrow
My artist’s mind, and creative flame
My genius you shall never tame!
Like the curves of a bright green marrow.
Now through love I have full learned
Loving should be for spirit spurned
And while my heart may be but transient
My thoughts and words will become ancient
And my genius will be soon discerned.

What is Love? – Fatima A 7-5

Love is a rose, attractive to the eye. It comes in different colours; crimson, pale peach, saffron yellow, creamy white and soft fuchsia. It draws the attention of everyone as they stare in awe at the stunning flower. However, none are diverted by the look of the stem, covered in jagged, razor-sharp thorns. They grasp it quickly and greedily by the stem and their hands are pierced, blood is shed and tears of regret are brought to their eyes. But those who hold it gently watching out and avoiding the thorns find their way to the flower.Later though they forget to water their rose and it withers and die as grief and sadness floods over the owner drowning them in sorrow. But those who hold it carefully and nourish it, sustain it and maintain it are the ones who find their hearts beating with affection and unmistakeable delight. So hold your rose carefully and don’t forget to look after it because that is the best type of love.

What is Love? – Anaa M 11-1

I used to believe that love was overrated, a perpetual goal that was never meant to be taken seriously but accidentally became classed as one of the most important things in everyone’s lives, no matter who you were.

I used to think love mainly consisted of untimely commitment, stolen kisses, and experiences judged by how quickly or how far they can spread.

I used to think love was unreasonable, full of a hope that only worked until you learned the truth and realised that this idea of intimate gestures and coordinating outfits wasn’t worth the hype that media painted it out to be.

I used to be wrong.

It took me days of regret, months of realisation, constant self-correction, restless nights filled with fluctuating self-esteem, and the odd existential crisis here and there to figure out what love can truly be.

Love, I decided, can manifest itself in the most peculiar of ways: an insanely consistent set of top grades, forever immaculate acrylic nails, effortless and immediately recognisable style, immortal inside jokes, or even a quiet appreciation that goes unnoticed by most. It can be seen by those who aren’t looking for it and missed by those who are because it remains hushed, not needing the validation of popularity.

Love, I decided, is not something to be defined by mere alphabets. As if being enigmatic and ever-changing wasn’t enough, love is also wholly subjective and dependant on the individual. To some, love is the warmth of a genuine smile or intertwined fingers on a cold day but, to others, love is sharing a body spray or explaining the notes from a missed class because familiar metaphors work better than new analogies.

Love, I decided, is unpredictable. Some can lose themselves in the lyrics of a song where others can climb inside books and forget their worries; some can call their friends at ridiculous times and know they’ll have someone to listen; some can arrange a time and place knowing that they’ll do absolutely nothing, a friendly presence being the most important thing; and some can never utter words that reveal their inner emotions but reflect them with their facial expressions or actions instead.

Equally natural and mysterious, love is a term used both too commonly and not commonly enough.

It’s not as simple as a sentiment, it’s a lifestyle that can’t be categorised or easily recognised. Not limited to people, love can be expressed for just about anything we can – and can’t – fathom. Regardless of whether it’s circle theorems, midday naps, exhausting shopping hauls, or staring at the stars on a cloudless night, love is there with you.

It follows you around like a shadow forged from promises and happiness, laced with hope and healing and learning curves. It festers, but it’s not unwanted. It doesn’t have to touch you to fill you with power, with confidence, and sometimes, with a sense of overwhelming sadness that cannot be described.

Ultimately, love isn’t all about being comfortable, it’s more like accepting that you’re uncomfortable but managing to function nonetheless. In contrast to popular belief, love isn’t when you never feel upset and always feel on top of the world, it’s when you know you’re free to be melancholy because your sadness isn’t what defines you. Because, like it or not, love is what keeps the world spinning.

Of course, love is not two dimensional. Very few things are and abstract concepts can never be one of them, not as long as thoughtful beings like us are around to question, confuse, and complicate. Like most complex ideas, love can be painful and bitter and far more hurtful than even the sharpest of weapons, but it is always there, shifting and adapting, ready to battle on our behalf as soon as we believe in its existence.

So, why don’t we?