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History Talk

History Talk by Joanna WilliamsOn 4th October, the History Department were delighted to welcome back former history teacher and head of department, Joanna Williams, now the author of a new biography on Abel Heyward, former mayor of Manchester.

Joanna delivered a fascinating talk about her research and provided students with an interesting insight into the life and career of the radical mayor.

Following the warm reception given by our sixth form students, Joanna has offered to come back into school in the summer term to deliver a workshop based around her new research focus: Lydia Becker, a campaigner for women’s suffrage.

Anti-Bullying Week 2017

Anti-bullying Week runs from 13-17 November each year and the theme this year is: ‘All Different, All Equal’. The idea is to promote differences and help young people celebrate what makes them, and others, unique . Our main aim as Anti-bullying Ambassadors is to help people understand why it’s important that every child feels included in the school community and allow them to express themselves without fear of bullying.

In AGGS, the Anti-Bullying team will be presenting assemblies to all year groups and will be promoting equality throughout the week through a range of activities. So keep your eyes open during November!


Image result for equality quotes

From the Anti-bullying team 🙂

MUNCH 2017

Last weekend, Mr Humphreys took to AGGS delegations to the Model United Nations Cheadle Hulme conference (MUNCH). We were representing Palestine and Turkey in different committees, after researching their stand-points of a variety of issues. The opening ceremony

Despite the early start on Saturday, we headed to our committees raring to go. I was in Health and ice breakers over, we launched into lively debate. Many of us gave policy statements, outlining our country’s view and my resolution got chosen for debate and eventually was passed, completely making my day.  In many of our committees, international tensions rose so high that delegates were evicted and, in mine, made to sit under a desk at the back! Some of our AGGS delegates received joke awards including Tara getting “best couple” with Israel, Sanah and Rosie winning Best dressed and myself “sassiest” and “most likely to be a dictator”! The day ended with the release of an international crisis, involving the spreading of a lethal pesticide.

On the Sunday morning we debated clauses attempting to resolve different aspects of the crisis, then joined in general assembly. Although there was not much time, quite a few of us spoke. Following the news that China was to blame for not intervening, Safa and I argued that it should be replaced by Palestine and made an observer state! When it came to the closing ceremony, as a school we claimed lots of awards:

Safa A- Commended delegate

Mariam J- Commended Delegate

Isabella I- Commended delegate

Sanah K- Commended delegate

Tara F- Highly Commended delegate

Me- Best Young Delegate


Overall, it was an amazing weekend- we’ve all made new friends, learnt new skills and had lots of fun- A big thank you to Mr Humphreys for being our advisor, without him we couldn’t have gone!


Written by Hania S

John Stephens, CEO, writes about his recent experience returning to singing in a choir!

Taken from John Stephens (CEO of BFET) weekly newsletter:

Weep O Mine Eyes, Elizabethan Madrigal‘Earlier this week I had the great experience of joining a mixed choir of students from AGGS and the boys’ grammar school to sing an Elizabethan madrigal in four-part harmony. It’s about thirty years since I last sang anything like this, and despite having done my homework on the piece I was terrified at the prospect of displaying my ‘new learning’ so publicly. Moreover, the group had never sung together before. In the event, I needn’t have worried – we were, after all, in the hands of an expert teacher in Ms. Mayall, AGGS’ Head of Music. She got the best out of us with the right balance of critique, high expectations, challenge, encouragement and good humour, the last of which provided the right climate for us to get comfortable in that inevitable dissonance of new learning.’

Pringles week! Group C

Is shape important? How can I use different shapes to make different structures? STEM club investigated…

Rocket launch Group A

Who’s will go the furthest? Who may have to adapt their design? How will we control the variables of the launch?

Week 1 – Group C

Can I build a structure out of brittle materials that is able to take a given mass? Our STEM club had a go!

Week 1 -Group A

Can you make a rocket? What factors do you need to think about to make a distance rocket?
Students worked with our year 11 and 12 STEM ambassadors to design

STEM club 2017

Welcome to our new STEM club blog. This year we have had an enormous uptake for STEM across year 7 and 8, and are running the Bronze Crest award in which students will choose one of the investigations we are covering and continue to develop it in the final summer term.
Group A started to investigate rockets and group C are looking at structures and engineering.

Lost Property Area

Check out how the lost property area has been organised and transformed:

AGGS Lost Property - Before
AGGS Lost Property – Before
AGGS Lost Property - After
AGGS Lost Property – After
AGGS Lost Property - After
AGGS Lost Property – After
AGGS Lost Property - After
AGGS Lost Property – After


For more information about lost property at AGGS, rules and Pre worn uniform click  here