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Murals on the Sixth-Form Common Room’s walls

As a way to make the 6th form common room more of a personal social space, some of the year 12 and year 13 students have been working on designing a mural to brighten up the space. The theme was ‘our future’, and we discussed the idea of growth and development, future careers, and the part AGGS plays in all of that. We chose a blossoming tree with various career paths and future options written on the petals. The birds represent development and are flying away from the tree, becoming more unique as they leave the AGGS nest – these birds are also dotted around the common room walls. The project was lead by one of our art teachers, Miss Silver, and pupils worked well as a team with the art department to make the project a reality. This week, in our final week of term, the painting of the mural has finally been completed! We are all very pleased with the outcome, and proud of our new common room space. ?