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Summer Reading Challenge

Looking for something to do this summer? Oblivious to an obvious choice?

If not only for your own enjoyment, then for a little competition- the Summer Reading Challenge gives everyone something worthwhile to read.

It’s all completely up to you! Read as many books from any of the following categories as you can. But make sure you only enter one book per category. Either pick out your own book from outside school, or books that the library has categorised especially.

The winner with the most amount of books read can choose new books to join the library shelves. Which book do you keep begging for the library to get? Well, now you have a chance to choose!

Keep a record of the book title that you have read and their category- either print out the form below or go old school and write it down. Remember to include your name and form!

All entries are to be returned to the library for back to school in September. But that’s more than a month of page- turning excitment away. So for now:

Let the Summer Reading Challenge commence…

  • Beach Read: take it easy- light and breezy


  • Summer Romance: featuring a (preferably soppy) love story


  • Overboard: sail the seven seas between the pages


  • Bright as Day: the front cover has a bright image


  • Take Off: fly away abroad to explore another country


  • Ice- Cream Needed: book + food= amazing, book featuring food= true summer


  • Strawberries and Cream: read about any summer sport


  • Sun’s Out: anywhere based in a sunny land with lots of outdoors


  • Season Change: a change of all the seasons in one book


  • Summer Tunes: listen to an audiobook


  • Lemonade and an Umbrella: a character can’t not drink a summer drink


  • Not so Long and Dreary: immerse yourself into a classic


  • B for Beach: read any book written by another who’s name starts with ‘B’


  • Paradise Island: set on a desert Island


  • Quests aren’t Holidays: a character goes on an adventure, mission or quest


  • Verses of Sun: read some poetry… honestly, they’re so much better than you think!


  • Flourishing: the front cover features a flower


  • Giggles: read a funny book that makes you lol


  • Outside the Box: crosses between universes


  • Book’s Better: read a book that was later turned into a film


  • Sunburnt Kids: a group of young children outside or on holiday


  • Short and Sweet: read a book of short stories


  • Indian Summers: read a book set in mainland India


  • That’s my Name: one of the main character’s name begins with ‘T’


  • Once Upon a Time: based on a fairy-tale or old folk story


  • Back in Time: set in the past centuries


  • Proud of Pride: in the genre of LGBT+


  • Curiouser and Curiouser: something that you’ve been waiting to read for a very long time


  • Glinting in the Sun: featuring a special/ magical object


  • Red: read a book that has ‘red’ in its title or the colour red on it’s front cover


  • Let it Out: characters argue or fight with 2 people


  • Spend it: a book that costs more than £8.99 (tag on  back)


  • Joy: the protagonist smiles a lot


  • Refreshing the Senses: involves somebody taking a splash in the pool or sea


  • Go Long: a book with more than 650 pages


Great prize, great books, great summer


Don’t get the brain drain over summer and turn into a robot- interpret the titles however you wish, as long as there is some sort of plausable reason. Have fun this summer and make sure to comment below:


Which books are you most looking forward to read?

Which books  do you think need to be in the library?

University Challenge

To help raise money for new books in the library, the librarians and Mrs Hodgson organised an event in the main hall based on the popular TV quiz show, University Challenge.

Two teams participated in the event: University of Life and Universally Challenged. Mrs Crowson was the captain of the University of Life team which consisted of Dr Roberts, Mr Lovelady and Mr Adshead. Team captain for Universally Challenged was Miss Devlin and her teammates were Mr Flanagan, Mr Davenport and Ms Russell.

If you were wondering why Mr Adshead had a toy wizard on his desk or what the monkey next to Mr Lovelady was for, teachers, in spirit of the show, even brought along mascots for their desk.

Not only were they competing in several rounds for the chance to win 10 points for every correct answer, the teams could also lose points if they interrupted the quiz master or gave an incorrect answer.

After battling it out in quizzes about Harry Potter, pop music and religion, the scores were calculated and verified.

And the winner was (drum roll please)…

University of Life! Well done to Mrs Crowson, Dr Roberts, Mr Lovelady and Mr Adshead!

The event raised an amazing £110 for new books in the library and the books bought will be those that have been suggested by students.

“The Librarians helped to organise the event and were really pleased with the turnout of staff and pupils to watch.”- Mrs Hodgson



The quiz also featured Year 12 musicians: Ellen Waters, Ant Harrison, Ellie Conway and Katie Abrahams. They played the celebrated theme tune at the start of the contest.

Christmas Cheer at AGGS

Matt Haig Attending a Book Signing for Primary School Pupils from BFET and locallyChristmas came early to AGGS this week with a festive visit from the best-selling author Matt Haig.  Matt is the author of several novels for adults and children, and his new book, Father Christmas and Me, is the third title in his bestselling Christmas series, following A Boy Called Christmas and The Girl Who Saved Christmas (Canongate).

Matt Haig Attending a Book Signing for Primary School Pupils from BFET and locally200 pupils and staff from the 3 BFET primary schools, Stanley Grove Primary Academy, Rushbrook Primary Academy, Marton Primary Academy and a local school, Bowdon Preparatory School, beat the weather and traffic to meet the author and hear all about his new book.  Matt entertained everyone with tales of Father Christmas, Mother Christmas, their adopted human daughter Amelia and cat, Captain Soot.  Elfhelm, where they all live, is a magical place, where the houses are made of gingerbread and the local currency is chocolate gold coins.

Matt Haig Attending a Book Signing for Primary School Pupils from BFET and locallyThe spirit of Christmas soon filled the Hall as pupils took to the stage, changed into elf outfits, told Christmas jokes and lead a Christmas sing-song.  Father Christmas’s Barometer of Hope (a key device in the story) soon zoomed to its maximum reading –  So. Much. Hope. Nothing is Impossible. Magic is Real. Christmas Will Happen!

It was a delight to welcome so many inquisitive and enthusiastic primary school pupils into our school.

Thanks to Waterstones Deansgate Manchester for the opportunity.

Cecelia Ahern Visit, 30th March 2017

Cecilia Ahern Visit, March 2017

The award winning and worldwide bestselling author Cecelia Ahern came to Altrincham Grammar School for Girls yesterday, to launch her new novel for Young Adults, Perfect.  The visit was arranged by our Librarian, Mrs Hodgson who also conducted the interview.

The novel, the sequel to the hugely popular Flawed, concludes the story of Celestine North, a 17 year old, in hiding and on the run from the Guild, a court set up to rid the world of Flaws.  Her perfect life is ruined by the Guild when she herself is found Flawed and through the process she is forced to question everything about her life and the society she lives in.

It was fascinating to hear Cecelia’s inspiration for the story and her conviction that everyone should be allowed to make mistakes so that they can learn and grow.  She said “None of us are perfect. Let us not pretend that we are, or be afraid that we’re not”.

Cecelia revealed that the secret to her success lies in the fact that she always burns a Jo Malone candle when she writes.  She keeps office hours and handwrites everything in Bic biro!  A born story teller, Cecelia’s first (unpublished) novel was written at exactly the age of her audience, 14 years old, and was called Beans on Toast and a Bottle of Beer!  She advised the pupils to find something that they really loved to do and make that their work so that, like her, they could lead a life that they loved.

The pupils themselves were delighted to be able to meet such a successful author.  “It was really inspiring” said one girl, “I can’t wait get home and start reading”.

Cecelia Ahern Visit

Cecelia Ahern, PerfectBestselling author Cecelia Ahern will be coming to school on Thursday 30th March between 2.30 and 3.30pm to talk to our students. This an amazing opportunity for our students to meet such a successful female author and hear about her writing first hand, specially because she rarely does book promotion events.

She is launching her second book for Young Adults, Perfect,  on April 4th so this visit ties in with that. Waterstones will be on hand to sell copies of her books, and she will be signing the books too.

Fandom Day

Fandom Day, 3rd March 2017
Fandom Day, 3rd March 2017

Today Year 8 school council reps have organised Fandom Day to help raise funds for the library. Students were asked to choose their favourite book character, film character, celebrity, anything they are a fan of and then dress up depicting this fandom. The costumes were fabulous, from Willy Wonker to Harry Potter to Manchester United, the costumes were so varied and some have made an amazing effort.

Well done to Year 8 School Council for organising 🙂

Library Activities

TED Talk Tuesdays

The programme for TED Talk Tuesdays which continue to be popular

  • Tuesday 28th February, 12.40pm – Why we have too Few Women Leaders by Sheryl Sandberg
  • Tuesday 14th March, 12.40pm – Do Schools Kill Creativity? by Ken Robinson
  • Tuesday 28th March, 12.40pm – How to speak up for Yourself by Adam Galinsky

The Graphic Novel Book Club

Lunchtimes on Day 1.

Avengers - Rage of UltronOn 27th February (12.45pm) we will be discussing the superhero comic Avengers: The Rage of Ultron