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Christmas Concert, December 2015

Christmas-Concert_Dec2015-1Congratulations to all 190 performers, taking part in our 2 Christmas concerts this week. 15 different choirs, orchestras, ensembles and bands were heard singing and playing much festive music to a packed hall each night.

Christmas-Concert_Dec2015-2There were so many highlights each evening it is difficult to choose what to mention here, but for me they were 2nd orchestra’s ‘Surprise Symphony’, Jazz Band’s funk ‘Sidewinder’ piece, 1st Orchestra’s ‘Downton Abbey’, Senior Choir and Flute Ensemble’s Christmas-Concert_Dec2015-5‘Carol of the bells’, chamber choir’s ‘Eternity’ and ‘Ceremony of Carols’ and of course Junior Choir’s show stealer ‘Christmas on the beach at Waikiki’ and ‘One candle’ at the end with all the choirs. Not forgetting String Orchestra’s Double violin concerto by Bach – with fantastic soloists Harriet W and Valerie M. And of course all of the sixth form conductors and leaders of ensembles, and the sublime duet from Handel’s Messiah sung by two talented Y13 students Eleanor and Amelia.

There are souvenir programmes for all girls to collect from the hall piano and can’t wait to hear some of this music again in our church carol service at St Mary’s in Bowdon.


Ms. Mayall

Christmas concert rehearsals

Mon 30 Nov / Tue 1 Dec / Wed 3 Dec – Main Hall

Mon 30 Nov

3.30 – 4.30      Jazz Band

Tue 1 Dec (Rehearsals for all and Tue night ensembles)  Day 2

8.45     Guitar Ensemble

9.00     Soloists: Kiya G 7-1, Holly H Y8, Hope E 8-7, Miranda W 10-1

9.25     1st Orchestra

10.05   Chamber Choir

10.45   Senior Choir (continued after Rec)

11.05   Rec

11.25   Senior Choir

11.40   Junior and Senior Choir (One Candle)

11.55   Junior Choir

12.30   Saxophone Ensemble

1.00     Stage managers meeting – Y12/Y13

1.30     2nd Orchestra

2.00     String Orchestra

2.30     Flute Ensemble

3.00     Wind Band

3.30     End

6.30pm Tue 1 Dec concert – all performers arrive for 7pm start

Wed 2 Dec  (Rehearsals for Wed night ensembles)  Day 3

1.15     Amelia C and Eleanor W Y13 – Messiah duet

1.30     Junior Strings

2.00     Cello ensemble

2.30     Recorder ensemble

3.00     Folk Band

3.15     String trio – Katie A, Ellie C, Wendy G-Y Y10

Please let your teachers know in advance which lessons you will be missing. Going to the Devisdale you must walk across in 2s at least – see Ms Mayall if any questions.