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Hello from the new Charity Committee

Hi from the new charity committee,

Our names are Zona, Asraa, Sophia, Mahjabin, Amelia, Bella, Laura, Olivia and Sadie and we will be your charity committee for the next year. We are all very passionate about helping others and are looking forward to organising key charity events at AGGS. So far this year, the school has raised an amazing £7000 and we hope that fundraising here will be just as successful in the future.

This term, the charity that we are supporting is MIND, a charity that aims to provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They also campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. We have chosen this charity because as a school, we wanted to eliminate all mental health stigmas so that people can feel more comfortable talking about it openly.


At the moment, the charity reps from each year are collecting money in buckets at the end of each assembly. If everyone in the school gave 10p at the end of one assembly a week, by the end of the year we would have collected £1404!





If you would like to find out more about MIND, follow this link to their website: www.mind.org.uk

We have some exciting events planned which include the Teachers vs Year 10 rounders match on the 12th July, where we will also be selling ice lollies to raise money for MIND.

Finally, we would like to encourage everyone at the school to donate to the charities that we support – even just a few pennies can make a big difference if enough people contribute. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!

The Charity Committee

Genesis Day Success

genesis-day2Genesis Day was a terrific success. We raised £279.03! Thanks to the girls and parents who donated cakes and bottles for the tombola and to the girls and staff who supported the event.

Please click here to see a student article about the day here

Mrs Greenhow and The Charity Committee

Genesis Conference – Charity Committee

Genesis Conference - charity committeeOn the Wednesday 16th September, The Charity Committee went to a conference at Wythenshawe hospital, conducted by the charity ‘Genesis’. Genesis is the only UK charity entirely dedicated to the prediction and prevention of breast cancer.

Whilst there, the six of us were given a tour of the clinic, named ‘The Nightingale Centre’. This is where most research, scans, and aftercare for any sufferers of breast cancer take place. We were shocked by the vast numbers of records of people who had been checked for breast cancer in the clinic; it was huge surprise considering the small space they had to do all of their work.

We also learned a lot about the dangers of breast cancer, and it was clear to see that all of the volunteers and workers, through their talks, were passionate about the work they are doing. We learned, for example, that currently 1 in 10 women in the UK will develop breast cancer- and 1 in 1000 men can get breast cancer too. Genesis made it clear that their aim is to ‘create a breast cancer free future for the next generation’.

We are currently planning and thinking of some ideas to raise some money for the charity, which you will be told about soon. We hope you will get involved, and help us and Genesis by joining the fight to ‘make 1 in 10, none in 10.’

Lena U, Year 11, Charity Committee.

Welcome to the new Charity Committee 2015-2016

Charity Committee 2015-16The girls took over from last year’s committee at the end of last term. Last year’s committee raised an amazing £ 5 641.

So far this term, the girls have helped to raise £1 240 for the victims of the Nepal Disaster. This term’s charity is Shelter Box. Shelter Box provides emergency shelter and vital supplies to support communities around the world overwhelmed by disaster and humanitarian crisis. The girls have plans for a cake sale, a netball match and other events to raise more money for their chosen charity.