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Day 2 for 7-4

We’ve had another great day af Glaramara. All groups have survived the chill of the ghyll scramble and 2 groups thrived on the challenges of the climb the mine. At the moment there is frantic activity as the girls work in teams to produce a newspaper structure to support an orange rolling. Will the teachers’ team win?

Safely arrived

7-4 has arrived safely at Glaramara. We’ve had a great journey here and have had a busy afternoon, with 2 groups at the climbing wall and one hill walking. Then it was time for a delicious dinner before our evening activities, firstly an outdoor memory game and then a demonstration led by one of 7-4 in the art of making Christmas trees. Really looking forward to a full day of activities tomorrow!

Glaramara 7-3 and 7-6 Day 3

The start of day 3, a little rainy but nothing a brew won’t fix.

A morning in the mine, some very brave young ladies, well done.

The weather brightened up for the fell walk.

Some expert belaying and climbing.

The coach trip home, some very tired pupils and teachers. A rainbow cheered us all up though.

Back at school, parents and suitcases all lined up ready to go home. 

A great trip 7-3 and 7-6. Thank you for always being cheerful, getting involved in all the activities and looking after each other. I hope the rest of the week at school is just as fun.

Glaramara 7-3 and 7-6 Day 2

Another beautiful day, a great view.

Breakfast complete, time for some activities.

A successful morning on the fell.

Celebrating success.

Some time at the climbing wall.

A little bit of ghyll scrambling, but what is a ghyll?

Through the tunnel, not for the claustrophobic. 

Emerging from the dark.

Time to get wet.

Wee, down the slide.

Into the mines.

Time for a little competition, “orange roll”

Glaramara 7-3 and 7-6

The day started well as all waited excitedly for the coach

The coach journey was uneventful, more singing on the way back I hope.

A stop off at the best services in the UK- Tebay

Arrived safely at Glaramara to have our packed lunch.

Getting ready for activities, Mr Lovelady looking very fetching.

Summiting the fell, what is the definition of a mountain girls? Test on Friday…

A bit of tree hugging to guess its age.

Arriving at the climbing wall, no scared faces just yet.

Altrincham girls continuing to reach great heights.

These boots were made for walking and that’s what they’re going to do.

Glaramara is beautiful in the twilight.

  Night time activities exercising their grey matter.

The super full moon kept popping out for students to enjoy.

The winners of the night time activity, well done.

Time for hot chocolate next to a roaring fire and then to bed.

DofE meeting

Dear Parents and Carers
If you and your child are interested in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme then there will be a short meeting in Main school, on the following dates. Information is sent out via ParentMail.
Award                      Open to                                        Date and Time
Gold or Silver       Year 12 and Year 10            5/12/16   6pm-7pm
Bronze                     Year 9                                           12/12/16 6pm-7pm

You and your child must attend this meeting if your child wants to participate as there will be important information given. You will be given the chance to meet Kevin Beattie from Venture Out who is our Authorised Activity Provider. We will discuss the level of commitment required and also costings and approximate dates of training and expeditions.
For more information, explore the DofE website at

Glaramara day 2: 7-2 and 7-7

Day 2 started off to a great scenic view…..


After a great nights sleep and a cracking breakfast, we were all fuelled up for the day ahead.

Team 5 headed into Keswick to do some indoor climbing and abseiling. All of the girls were superb, and all who were initially afraid did themselves proud and gave every wall a try. The final room allowed the students to free style without any ropes which was great fun and the springy floor made things a lot more enjoyable.

img_3619 img_3622 img_3633Teams 1 and 2 headed over to Honnister slate mine where they climbed to great heights. All students were really impressive, all of them tried each height and worked well in supporting one another.

img_0121 img_0112 img_1023

Team 3 had a morning filled with Ghyll scrammbling. All of them braved the icy cold water and were particularly brave when they had to jump into the water. Some of the girls were so brave in fact they chose to fall backwards into the water.


Team 4 set off for a morning hike across the stunning surrounding hills. Although the climb was tough, once they all reached the top the views made it all the worthwhile.


Once we had all eaten the well deserved lunch, it was quickly back into the afternoons activities.

Teams 2 and 5 climbed up High Doat and found a wonderful waterfall.

Team 1 had a cold but successful Ghyll scramble.

…and Teams 3 and 4 climbed the slate mine.

The students then competed in an “orange roll” challenge where they had to work as a team to create a bridge made out of newspaper. Once designed and created, each team had to successfully roll an orange down their structure to see who can roll it the furthest.

img_3724 img_3725 img_3728

Overall, another fantastic day in Glaramara and we cannot wait to see what our final activity will bring.



Glaramara Group 2: Day 1

Group 2: We”ve arrived!!!



After a great coach journey involving lots of singing, snowy hills, more singing and a short pit stop at Tebay service station we finally arrived to the wonderful Glaramara ?

We all had a quick lunch to make sure we were fully fuelled for the afternoons events.

One group headed over to Keswick to do an afternoon of indoor climbing and abseiling.

The second group worked very hard for their evening meal as they had to climb High Doat hill where they experienced lots of snow, and found a hidden waterfall.


The third group got to experience what life was like as a bat. They walked over to Honnister slate mine where they had to climb lots of ladders and wires at great heights.

img_7348 img_7350

The final two groups had to work very hard on their team building skills as they had to experience Ghyll scrambling. Slippery rocks and freezing cold water still didn’t stop the teams from continuing the steep climb. Although some got a little more wet than others, everyone was in good spirits and earned their cups of steaming hot chocolate once they had returned.

Once showered and warmed up, everyone settled down to a great feast of not one but a two course meal. After the meal, there was a final activity for the day involving a memory treasure hunt game.


img_3600 img_3601 img_3604 img_3606

All in all a great first day,and we cannot wait to see what tomorrow will bring.


Day 2: 7.1 and 7.5 Glaramara Trip

After a wake up call and a large, and very delicious breakfast all 6 groups were sent out into a very cold Lake District. 

The morning was jam packed filled with activities. All girls had a great time, everybody showed great determination, whether it be tackling hills, jumping in ghylls or facing a fear of heights climbing the mine.
A quick lunch stop and we were out again, refuelled and ready to face the afternoon’s challenge. It was lovely to watch the girls faces as the afternoon was sprinkled with a smattering of snow. Everyone had a great time demonstrating great enthusiasm and resilience again.

After another delicious meal and a trip to the tuck shop it was time for the “orange roll challenge”. It was another competitive evening, with girls attempting to build a runway out of newspaper that they could use to roll an orange as far as possible. Winner to be announced….

Hot chocolate and bed ready for our final day before we return home happy and exhausted! 

Day 1: 7.1&7.5 Glaramara Trip

It’s fair to say Day 1 has been a success!                                                              
Setting off at 8:45, arriving at 12:15, it was a very quick and scenic journey.                                         
A quick stop for lunch, grouping and room allocation and it was straight into activities! All 6 groups were sent straight out, some indoor climbing, others climbing the mine, some immersing themselves in the very cold streams of the Lake District and one group embracing the climb up Castle Cragg.

All groups had great fun! Dinner was very well received and dessert even more so. There is most definitely a competitive spirit among 7.1 & 7.5, with both forms taking the evening activity very seriously! 

A quick hot chocolate and some time in front of the fire to warm up and it’s off to bed. Lots of rest needed for another jam packed day tomorrow. Hopefully with no rain. But maybe a sprinkling of snow….