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Salters Trip Success

Salters festivalsThe following girls came Second in the Salters Chemistry Challenge at the University of Manchester on Monday 08 June. This was a regional competition for the North West.

Maria, Maddie, Sneha and Ruby from Year 8.

Comenius Project, Denmark

Comenius Project, March 2015On Tuesday 3rd March, six Year 10s (Katie, Natalie, Nicola, Emily, Daria and me) and five Year 12s (Lauren, Eve, Ellie, Katherine and Kat) headed to Denmark to complete the Comenius project. After spending the night in a youth hostel in Copenhagen, we boarded a four hour train to Struer, where we would meet our exchanges.

On our first day in Struer, we travelled to a town called Århus, during which we visited ARoS museum (with the amazing rainbow panorama and a colourful smoke room!), the university there (one of only two in Denmark) and then had time to shop and look around the city. Continue reading Comenius Project, Denmark

A Workshop at the New Whitworth Art Gallery

On Friday 6th March, Mr Payne and Mrs Hurst took 20 year 9 students to a workshop organised at the new Whitworth Art Gallery. The students worked with an artist called Laura Atkinson and  focused on textiles/fine art work. They really enjoyed it, the new space was impressive and the students saw Cornelia Parker’s famous works ‘Cold Dark Matter’ (exploding shed) and ‘The Distance’. Continue reading A Workshop at the New Whitworth Art Gallery

Y7 Glaramara Trip