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Silver award

Training Days

Where?  Main school Hall

What to bring? All need lunch, drinks, snacks, sensible shoes and clothing as we may be outside. Silver and Gold participants who have completed their previous awards also need to bring their kit(not food) for a check.

Bronze Group 1:    Saturday 24/2/18  8:50am-4:15pm

Bronze Group 2:    Sunday 25/2/18  8:50am-4:15pm

Silver and Gold Direct:    Saturday 3/3/18  8:50am-4:15pm : silver  bring kit and ruc sac(not food)

Gold and Gold Direct:  Saturday 10/3/18  8:50am-4:15pm : gold bring kit in ruc sac(not food)

Information required by Venture Out

If you are doing your award this year then the following must be filled in.  This is so Venture Out, the company who trains you and runs the expeditions, has up to date information whilst you are in their care.  Please would you submit a form online for the relevant award.  If you are unable to do this then you can print one out and hand into reception for the attention of Miss Hickman.  This should be done by 21/2/18






Miss Hickman

DofE News



It has been a really exciting year for us this year.  We have record  numbers of students participating with 135 starting bronze, 65 silver and 19 gold.  This is well up on last year when we had 88 bronze, 58 silver and 4 gold.

We have also record numbers completing their awards with our first ever gold award holders.  Congratulations to Roz, Farah (2015-16)and Sudiksha(2016-2017). We have at least four other students who should complete in the coming weeks.

We have awarded 67 Silver awards and 76 bronze awards to the 2015-16 cohort and we have  83 bronze and 53 silver awards (from the 2016-17 cohort) which just need the assessor reports to be completed before those individuals will also complete the award!

Well done to all involved.

Miss Hickman


Silver Qualifying Expedition

See below for the letter from Kevin at Outlook.

Tel: 07980 306869 | Email: |


Dear Parent / Guardian

Your child is due to attend their Duke of Edinburgh Silver Qualifier Expedition Saturday 16th Sept to Monday 18th Sept. I’m contacting you to confirm the arrangements. If they no longer can attend please let the school know ASAP as this has an impact on the viability of their group.

I will be coordinating the event and will remain in the area all the time to support the staff. I’ll be on-duty overnight on the campsites and should be your ‘First contact’ if you need to get in touch with your child. I’d remind you that there is often patchy signal in the area that we will be working, (possibly no signal on the first campsite and none on the second one). You can leave a message and I’ll return it when I pick it up. You should also not be asking your young people to be ringing you to keep them updated. Assume ‘No news is good news’.

During the Qualifying expedition, each group will be remotely supervised by a team of 3 staff who meet groups regularly at checking in points along the way. Staff are not allowed to walk with groups. On most days, they will be out for at least 7 hours and be walking at least 12km and ascending about 400m. Please ensure that they have been keeping fit and well in the run up to this event. If there are any changes to medical conditions you should have them checked by your doctor and declare them to the school.

Saturday morning drop off: 9:30am prompt.
Dove Stone Reservoir Car Park
Oldham OL3 7NE,-1.9820489,16z

Monday Afternoon pick up: 4:30. They may be later than this so please be patient and remember that they have to do a debrief with their assessor after they arrive.

Tegg’s Nose Country Park
Buxton Old Rd, Sutton, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK11 0AP’s+Nose+Country+Park/@53.256318,-2.076051,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xdad515d9d2aac45f

Google Maps Alert – we have had problems recently with parents getting lost on the way to the drop off / pick up because they were using:
Postcodes only – please be aware that postcodes in the countryside are for a far larger area than in a city. You will need to check a map before setting off and bring a map with you.
Google Maps and not a dedicated SatNav or SatNav app. Google Maps can struggle in the countryside as it relies on you receiving a 3G or 4G signal to update the map position. Please take precautions.

These are the campsites we are using in case you need to pick up a child.

Boarfold Scout Campsite
Far Woodseats Lane, Chisworth, Charlesworth, Derbyshire. SK13 5RS.,-2.0201845,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xc546cf3be17c0e2f

Seven Springs Guide Camp
Corks Ln., Disley, SK12 2AZ,-2.0246516,16.75z

Mobile phones
The Duke of Edinburgh Organisation recommend that we do not allow participants to have mobile phones whilst on expedition (day or night). There are many reasons for this:
The participants are encouraged to ‘un-plug’ from the outside world and focus on becoming part of their team by socialising and supporting each other.
Mobile phones don’t stand up well to rain, mud, being crushed in pockets. They run out of charge and there are no charging facilities on campsites.
There is patchy coverage in the countryside, and batteries die and so if you are waiting on a phone call from your young person and don’t receive it or you are trying to ring them to check on them, and they don’t call back – you get anxious for no reason.
For these reasons, we have always run and supervised expeditions in such a way that mobile reception is not required for supervision or safety:

Sometimes it is necessary for me to contact home if a young person takes ill or has forgotten equipment. I have all the emergency contact details that you provided the school with and can contact parents if I need to. You can contact me directly on the number above – please only do this if it is an emergency, and remember, I too will have patchy reception and so may not get straight back to you.

Thanks for your support.

Kevin Beattie
Programme Manager

Silver Training Day

Important Information for your training day on March 11th. For those who have not done bronze there is a kit list on the eDofE website or pinned up outside F28

• One of the sessions is outside – so come dressed to be outside in the rain for 2 hours.
• There will be 2 breaks and lunch – bring own food and drinks. Lunch will be at 11:30am for 30 minutes. You can’t go off site.
• Arrive for 8:45 so we can start at 9am sharp. We will try to be finished for 4:15pm.
• We will do 3x 2 hour sessions:

1. First Aid & emergencies
2. Using maps to plan routes
3. Kit list check and planning your menu

You will need to bring:
• Your rucksack packed with all your kit, sleeping bags, waterproofs, boots and your water bottles.
• Your first aid kit

We need 5 teams of 7, 2 teams of 5 and a team of 6. The team lists of names need to be handed in to me personally by the 10th of March and it will be first come first serve for the teams of 5 and 6. If you do not know anyone then don’t worry we can add you to a team on the day.


Miss Hickman


For all pupils who have handed in an application.  Please bring any missing documents that have been highlighted by your form tutor.  This was sent in an email to them.

You will need a pen and paper, they will take place in F28 and 12:40 and will last approximately 30 minutes. You must attend.
Tuesday 31/1/17            9-1 and 9-6
Wednesday 1/2/17       9-3 and 9-7
Friday  3/2/17  or Thursday 9/2/17          9-2, 9-4 and 9-5
Tuesday 7/2/17            10-1, 10-2, 10-3
Wednesday 8/2/17    10-4, 10-5, 10-6, 10-7

DofE Applications 2016/17

I hope you all had a peaceful break.  As you can imagine, sorting through nearly 200 applications and checking all information is a time consuming role, especially with a two and half week break!  I am currently sorting these out.  All pupils who have applied have a place but some participants have not provided all of the required information.  I will be sending this out to form tutors to pass on next week.

I have decided that as this award is all about the participants being responsible, I will not be emailing all information via Parent Mail.  I have many parents who can’t always find the information sent out to them.  Instead I would guide you to this blog which can be found via the school website.  All up-to-date information will be posted there.

What will happen next?

By 20/1/17

Information will be sent out to form tutors and on the school noticeboard for the participants. Some will need to bring me extra information which is missing from the application. This should be brought to me ASAP

By 29/1/17

Parentpay will be set up for the final payment

By 3/2/17

Participants should receive an email on their school email(year 10) or parents email(year 9)  advising them of their username and password for the DofE website.  I will also invite them to a meeting after school in order to introduce them to  edofe .  This meeting will also introduce the bronze award participants to the time scales required for each area.

If you require any information please look on the DofE website, or participants can come and find me in my room F28 where there is also a noticeboard of any important information

Thanks for your patience and cooperation with this matter.

Mandy Hickman

DofE Manager


DofE dates for 2017 : slight change to advertised previously. Bronze dates have been altered

Award Expedition/training Dates 2017 Venue For
Bronze Training 25th Feb 2017 School All Bronze
  Practice Exped 6-7th May 2017 TBC All Bronze
  Qualifying Exped 17-18th June 2017 TBC All Bronze
Silver Training 11th March 2017 School All Silver
  Practice Exped 9-11th June 2017 TBC All Silver
  Qualifying Exped 16-18th September 2017 TBC All Silver
Gold direct Training 11th March 2017 School Gold direct
  Practice Exped 9-11th June 2017 TBC Gold direct
Gold and Gold direct Training 18th March 2017 School Gold and Gold Direct
Practice Exped 7-9th July 2017 TBC Gold and Gold Direct
Qualifying Exped 30th August – 3rd September TBC Gold and Gold Direct



After discussions we felt the previous date of March may not necessarily give our groups the best opportunity to get the best out of the experience, mainly due to weather.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

DofE meeting

Dear Parents and Carers
If you and your child are interested in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme then there will be a short meeting in Main school, on the following dates. Information is sent out via ParentMail.
Award                      Open to                                        Date and Time
Gold or Silver       Year 12 and Year 10            5/12/16   6pm-7pm
Bronze                     Year 9                                           12/12/16 6pm-7pm

You and your child must attend this meeting if your child wants to participate as there will be important information given. You will be given the chance to meet Kevin Beattie from Venture Out who is our Authorised Activity Provider. We will discuss the level of commitment required and also costings and approximate dates of training and expeditions.
For more information, explore the DofE website at