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Migrant crisis gets worse as the EU seeks to resolve the issues

As the EU tries to resolve the crisis and work together are we forgetting the people caught up in this? Read the latest updates here. 

Update on the EU Migrant crisis

Lots has been said about the migrant crisis.. Find out the latest news from Calais here. 

EU referendum campaigning begins….

The big wigs are coming out and making their positions clear, find out more here.. what do you think?


Making Mental Health a priority

Explore here how Head teachers are recognising the importance of making mental health a more important issue in schools.

Model UN Success

This weekend x19 AGGS students took part in the Manchester High School for Girls Model United Nations. This was their second event and was a fantastic conference. Committees debated the new 2016 Sustainable Development Goals, these explored how we as a world can combat poverty, world hunger, the lack of basic education for so many and gender equality, just to name a few.

mun high 4

We represented x3 delegations; Jordon, Malaysia & South Korea.

We won x4 commended delegate awards:

Lucy Leaver

Rhea Mittal

Beth Grant

Sanah Kashyap

A huge well done to all the students who took part, great fun was had by all:-) See some of the pictures of the weekend below:

mun high 1

mun high 2

mun high 3

A huge thank you to Manchester High School’s MUN team for all their hard work, we had a great weekend 🙂

Kids Company

What happened to the national charity Kids Company? Find out here. 

Citizenship London Visit

Last Tuesday ( 12th Jan) x15 excited AGGS students and two teachers headed down to London on the 8am train.  After travelling across London we arrived, excited and ready for a day filled with political fun, at the Supreme Court. We had a detailed tour which explained the UK Justice System. The Supreme Court is only 6 years old, after the Law Lords were removed from the House of Lords to make a more democratic legal process. There are 12 chief justices and we had the privilege seeing some of them in action, with an open court being one of the foundations of our democracy, we were able to watch a case being heard.


After a quick lunch by the river Thames, with lots of dive bombing pigeons, we headed to the brand new Houses of Parliament Education Centre. We started our time here with a tour of the Houses of Parliament where we watched both the House of Commons and the Lords in session. Seeing the Lords taking oral questions about the Syria conflict is something we will all remember for a long time. After our tour and an accidental picture with Andy Burnham we headed back to the centre for our Making Laws workshop.


Hof pARL 4

After an interactive workshop where we debated freedoms in school we were visited by our local MP Graham Brady. The GCSE students had some amazing questions for Graham and actively lobbied him about things that matter to them.


hOF parl 7

Our day ended with grabbing dinner at Euston and heading back up to Manchester. Although we had a long day it was fantastic. All students taking Citizenship GCSE will have this amazing opportunity.


Cologne Attacks

Explore how migration has negatively affected a community here. 

Political Review: 2015 & a look forward to 2016

Want to explore what happened in 2015 and how politics changed?

Use this link. 

What does 2016 hold in store for us at Westminster?  Find out here.


The PM & Nicola Sturgeon talk about Devolution, a topic everyone in year 9 and upwards have covered in their Citizenship lessons. See the latest news here.

 sturgeon & PM